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An article is a word that is used with a noun to indicate the reference being made by the noun. In English the articles are the, a and an.

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Can 2 articles come in a sentence?

Yes, the, a, an are all articles.

What A sentence with maximum articles?

not limit

What is the article in this sentence i am looking at the window?

In sentence, i am looking at the window, the article is 'the'.Articles of speech in the English language are a, an, the.He bit into the apple.I had an awful trip.

What are the articles in this sentence An elephant hid in the refrigerator?


What is a sentence for articles?

The clickbait articles are getting so out of control that social networks are looking into measures to reduce them.The medical articles were nothing new.Here are the accused's articles of clothing.

Examples of articles in a sentence?

There are two types of articles:definite and indefiniteDefinite article is theIndefinite article are a and an

What is the Articles in the sentence?

The parts of speech known as "articles" are the, a, and an. For some grammarians, these three words are also adjectives.

Articles of Confederation used in a sentence?

find on by your slef

How do you use Articles of Confederation in a sentence?

im looking for this answer too

What is a sentence for adjudicator?

The articles needs additional citations for vertification.

What sentence can you make with the word definite?

In Spanish class, indefinite articles were a lot easier to learn than definite articles.

What word in the English language can be used again and again to create a sentence?

The parts of speech called "articles" in the English language can be used again and again to create a sentence, and many times within one sentence. Articles are words like:theaan

What is a sentence for article?

I read an article that claimed 90% of articles are exaggerated or made up.Place any metal articles into the tray.

Why can't you use articles in this sentence Cyclones are followed by precipitation and stormy weather?

It is because using the articles would change the meaning.

How do you use the word condensed in a sentence?

The articles were condensed into a summary for the book.

What is the definition of rendition?

SENTENCE: Newspaper articles tend to be sensationalized renditions of crimes.

What is the adjective and article in this sentence Most families plan meals for sound nutrition and good taste?

The adjectives in the sentence are:mostsoundgoodThe is no article in the sentence. The articles are the, a, and an.

How to say the in Swahili?

Swahili does not use articles. You have to infer from the context of the sentence whether or not there is a "the, a, or an" implied.

Where can you find articles on sentence making?

Look in any grammar or language arts book.

More example about fragment sentence?

the library had some books i found articles online

What part of speech are the words a an the?

All three of the words at the end of the question sentence are "articles".

What are the two articles in the sentence who is the man over there carrying an umbrella she asked?

the, an

What do articles always go in front of in Spanish?

So that the person will know how to say the sentence (with exclamation, or questioning) before reading the sentence. They don't make the exclamations right side up because otherwise it will be confused with the last sentence's articles.

Can you give me a sentence with the word features?

I'm not sure which features you prefer in an example sentence. This magazine regularly features articles that I like to read.

How do you determine the topic sentence?

In most cases the first sentence in a paragraph will indicate what is being discussed in that paragraph. This is especially true in essays and academic articles.

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