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Play around with nil gravity, I'm sure you would too!

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Examples of free fall?

astronauts flying in space

Why is it advantageous for astronauts to live on a space station rather than a space shuttle?

it is advantageous for astronauts to live on a space station rather a space shuttle because a space station allow astronauts to stay and work extended time . A space shuttle is a space craft to transport astronauts , satellites, and other materials to and from space.

How astronauts spend their time in the space ship?

astronauts like to exercise while in the ship

Did the astronauts have a tight schedule?

The only free time they had was dreaming about free time!

How do astronauts tell the time in space?

They wear wristwatches.

Do astronauts have to wear their space suits all the time?


How can astronauts stay in space for months at a time?


Why do astronauts have to wear the space suit all the time?

because there is no oxygen out in space

Why astronauts fly in space?

they are not actually flying they r in continous free fall

What types of astronauts are there on a space mission?

trained space astronauts

What happens to the muscle of astronauts who are in space for an extended time period?

Astronauts' muscles atrophy in space due to the decreased work they do without Earth's gravity.

How do Astronauts walk in space?

Astronauts don't walk in space, they jump.

Astronauts are--who fly in space?

Astronauts are people who fly in space

What do astronauts do in the their spare time in space?

Astronauts like to bring their hobbies from home and do them in space to see how different it is. They also read, watch movies, play games.

Why cant youlive in space?

You can. Astronauts and cosmonauts have lived in space for up to 6 months at a time.

What Russian space station did us astronauts spend time in in 1980s?

The space station Mir.

Can astronauts work in a space shuttle or space station for long periods of time?

we can not suvive later

Where do astronauts park there rockets?

In open space. In lots of space. Whenever they planet ahead of time.

What clothes do astronauts wear on the space shuttle?

the astronauts wear space suit on the space shuttle

What are NASA astronauts mostly carried by in space?

The last time a human has landed on the moon was in 1971. Since no NASA astronauts have landed on anything from that day on, astronauts are mostly carried by a space craft throughout their journey.

What are astronauts doing on the moon now?

There are no astronauts on the moon now. The last time astronauts were on the moon was in 1972. There are lots of astronauts in space. Most of them are on the International Space Station, which is orbiting the Earth. They are doing lots of scientific jobs there, and they are continuing the construction of the space station. There are usually 6 people on it at any one time. The Space Shuttle usually brings people to and from the International Space Station. So when it is also orbiting the Earth, there are more than 6 people in space.

How do astronauts meet their basic needs in space?

they have to get food ahead of time

Can astronauts take their pets to space?

No. Astronauts cannot take their pets into space.

What is entertainment for astronauts in space?

Astronauts do not carry organized forms of entertainment with them into space.

What are astronauts called who fly in space?


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