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What do astronomers do at work?


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They study the stars and planets.

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in special observatories

Astronomers work in the physics science

Astronomers, mostly those who work for NASA. Some astronomers from Universities can also access it.

Astronomers and astrophysicists

Astronomers typically work eight hours a day.

this is a good question.scientists and astronomers should work on this.

Archaeologists, palaeontologists and astronomers work on archaeological excavations.

Its precision, its accuracy, and its continuity did.

All astronomers are scientists.All astronomers are scientists.All astronomers are scientists.All astronomers are scientists.

spherical trig look it up its way confusing

In a day? In a year? Over their careers? Very vague question!

Venus Astronomers are astronomers that study Venus. Kind of obvious.

It just so happens that astronomers does not simply fly out there to have major fun. They do work. To answer your question, astronomers might for instance test theories on physical laws and stuff.

They work in observatories, planetariums, universities, in remote places where they can see the skies, in universities, in space centres and even at home.

Some would be and some wouldn't be. It depends on many things, like the nature of the work they do. Some are just amateur astronomers, so they don't get paid and do it as a hobby. They may have another job. Some are professionals and would have lots of work in astronomy and get paid.

amateur astronomers and astronomers

Astronomers is a plural noun.

If you Have a PhD and Etc. You Could go to NASA and apply for A Job If Your Qualified enough.

Very little astronomy is still done by physically looking through telescopes, so astronomers can basically work any hours they want. The really large telescopes are quite expensive and tend to be shared (and located in remote, desolate places). Most astronomers rely on dedicated on-site staff at the scope who collect images or data for the astronomers to analyze later.

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