What do baby flamingos look like?

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A baby flamingo is little and grey

What do baby crows look like?

simple!!!it should look like its parents.u have a look of either of ur parents right?

What a baby rooster look like?

It looks like a chick. They are not much different than a baby hen until they grow a few weeks.

What does a baby bat look like?

Bat pups are tiny when born. Pups are born without hair and theylook tiny, scrawny and pink.

What do baby ladybugs look like?

They look like caterpillars but they have spikes on their back and baby ladybugs have four legs.

What does a baby ostrich look like?

A baby ostrich looks like a small bird but has long legs. As itdevelops, the neck and legs grow longer and the feathers aredenser.

What do cicadas babies look like?

same as the adults except smaller and without wings, they also lack sexual organs but that's harder to see

What do baby swans look like?

The baby Swan looks like a small little cute furry swan. It doesn't really have white feathers. It has more fluff to it and it is more brown.

What do babies look like?

Well It depends on who made em' This baby generator can tell you what a baby will look like. http://www.changeface.me/ But I don't know the algorithm it uses. So maybe it's not accurate.

What do baby robins look like?

Newborn baby robins are almost pathetic-looking: they look scrawny, with only a little down covering their bodies and no wing or tail feathers to speak of. They are more of a mottled brown-and-grey, and don't start developing that red chest of theirs until they're a few weeks of age, after they leav ( Full Answer )

What do baby owls look like?

it all depends on what kind of owl your talking about. like you cant say that the great-horned owl looks like the barn owl. they are different breeds. i hope that that answers your question. if you ask again make sure you say what kind of bird. be specific

What do baby weasels look like?

Newborn weasels look like a miniature, pink, hairless, version of aweasel. A baby weasel looks exactly like a miniature version of aweasel.

What do baby clams look like?

Baby clams look like small, pale larvae. They do not have shells,gills, etc. until they mature, and they do not develop a foot untilthey are around 24 days old.

What do baby cardinals look like?

Baby cardinals look very different compared to adult birds becausethey have pink skin and gray scales. Once it begins to molt howeverthe feathers will start to come out bright red and they will gettheir distinctive cardinal plume.

What is your baby going to look like?

First he'll (or she will) look like Winston Churchill. But for later on, first look at each other, but then take a longer look at your (both of you) siblings and parents.

What do baby wasps look like?

A baby wasp is just a smaller version of an adult wasp. They looksimilar to bees, and are black and yellow in color normally.

What do baby ospreys look like?

they have 2 white lines on there head and a white dot on there beak. there head is rather black or brown. and a body of brown or black. they might have other marks but that's like a birth mark.

What do baby giraffes look like?

Baby giraffes are just like adult giraffes, except smaller and less mature. An easier target for Lions hunting for food.

What do flamingos feet look like?

Flamingos have webbed feet because they live near muddy shallow and swampy areas; the webbed feet prevent them from sinking into the muddy bottom.

What do flamingos look like?

Flamingos have long thin legs and are approximately 30 to 33 in height. When flamingos are babies the are white but later in life flamingos turn pink, this is because they eat foods like shrimp.

How do the babies tiger look like?

This is what a baby tiger looks like: They are very small and have their stripes. Hope this helped! answer They look like little fluffy tigers , but their instincts are already there. If they have to be bottle fed , you need heavy canvas or suede gloves. They will grab your hand with claws out ( Full Answer )

What bird is grey and looks like a flamingo?

A grey bird that looks like a flamingo is an emu or ostrich. An Emu is female and an Ostrich is male. They are the fastest bird ever and are Australian animals. The emu appears on tehAustralian 50 cent coin with a kangaroo. Even though emus and Ostriches are the fastest birds, they can't fly. They a ( Full Answer )

What does a baby cheetah look like?

The cubs, like any other animal, babies are way cuter. They are fluffy and round faced. they are small and like their elders have spots and lines across their faces.

What do hedgehog babies look like?

Hoglets (hedgehog babies) are tiny and pink when they are first born, with their eyes closed, and a fluid-filled sac around their quills (which are soft and flexible). As they mature, their quills become darker and they get closer to their adult color; their masks will become apparent, and if the ( Full Answer )

What do hamster babies look like?

Like most mammals at birth, hamsters are pink and mostly hairless, looking like wriggling worms. Their limbs are skinny and not well developed. After a few days, they begin to take on a more normal appearance and their fur begins to grow.

What do baby kangaroos look like?

Newborn kangaroo joeys are about the size of a jellybean. They aretiny, pink and hairless, with their eyelids fused shut.

What does it look like when a baby comes out?

I have had two children in a natural birth environment, so there weren't any medications to dull my feelings. I saw everything! When the baby's head starts to come out, or 'crown', her skull actually compresses in order to fit! So it looks like brains, because her skin is mushed. LOL It's wet wit ( Full Answer )

What do baby jaguars look like?

The cubs look like very large kittens with large flat noses and black circular rings on their coats. (Their are some photos at the two related links below.)

What do baby platypuses look like?

Baby platypuses resemble a cross between a typical embryo and a bean, but as they begin to grow, they very quickly take on the appearance of a miniature platypus.

What does a baby duck look like?

Well at birth they will be all sloppy and sticky. But as the grow older they grow fluffy feathers, in-between the colour of yellow and brown. They are very small and can fit into an adults hand. Hope that helped. Xxx

What does a baby snake look like?

like its adult form but really smal Another view An exact copy of an adult snake except smaller. There is no way to describe the size and be accurate without knowing the species of snake you are referring to but the garter snake young are emerging now here in Canada and they are about 4 inche ( Full Answer )

What does a baby swallow look like?

Swallows are colorful, acrobatic flyers that catch insects on the wing. There are many species, among them the barn and tree swallows. The purple martin is the largest swallow. They belong to the family Hirundinidae.

What does the flamingo look like?

A flamingo looks like a very large bird, but has four legs and in pink. It's head is as large as its body and is cannot fly!

What does a breech baby look like?

Well, I'm about 39 weeks and a few days now, and I am carrying a breech baby. I can say my belly is rather lumpy. You can definitely see his little head poking out. I can tell where his head is by moving it back and forth between my hands. Basically if it bounces back and forth, it is definitely the ( Full Answer )

What do baby woodlice look like?

they look like tiny little white things well they look like tiny little white woodlice and once i had a woodlouse on my hand and things that looked like tiny little woodlice that were white came off or out of the woodlouse so i assume they were baby woodlice and i think that woodlice carry there bab ( Full Answer )

What do ligers look like when there are a baby?

Ligers look like baby tigers when born but turn paler as they get older. They keep the stripes throughout their lifetime but they also get paler and almost fade eventually. They are the size of half a baby tiger when born but grow extremely fast. When older, males grow a mane and females look like l ( Full Answer )

What do baby eggs look like?

well firts its oval but it depends on the design because diffrentbirds have diffrent eggs like a white breasted nut hatch egg is adirty white with specks of brown

What do baby peacocks look like?

They look very much like baby chickens chicks. The peacocks and peahens are virtually identical at this age. Try the related link to see what they look like.

What do baby catopillers look like?

They look just like very small caterpillars. Try growing some cabbages or nasturtium flowers and you'll be sure to find some!

What does a baby clydesdale look like?

A baby clydesdale mostly looks like its parents. It is very tall and has a fluffy tail. Also they have a mane like a mowhawk. : ) ; )

What do baby stegosaurus look like?

No fossils have ever been found of baby Stegosaurus. They were raised by their parents, so they probably had the traits that we associate with cuteness, as cuteness is an adaptation for young animals that are raised by their parents. These include a large head and large eyes. They may have also been ( Full Answer )