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What do baby snaping turtles eat?


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worms, small fish, turtle food, small shrimp, small snails


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Snapping turtles eat mostly fish.

Yes i found a baby snapping turtle and he loves little fish he is about 1 inch long

Snapping turtles are carnivorous, and eat mainly fish, amphibians, invertebrates (when young), and carrion.

letes ,fish and pet food 4 turtles

A alligator snaping turtles have a little alligator head , it has spickey skin , and a sharp spot on it's mouth and a shell.

do turtles sometimes eat baby ducks?

yes baby turtles eat letuce

you can put whatever you want cause i have alot of decorations in my tank cause i also have a baby snaping turtle named snappy i have one but mines dont care it justs like to eat food

what do freshwater turtles eat

baby turtles like to eat lots of greens. also fruits and vegetables.

no the snaping turtle is quite teritorial and will atack or kill other turtles

I don't think they will. Maybe turtles will eat a baby beaver.

yes they love to live in swamps its good for there shell

they eat worms and lettece

they like to eat just like you like to eat when you was but a baby.

About a two-feet shell length, and about 175 pounds.

they do they do they do they do

No , turtles eat frogs.. U should not put them in the same tank.

Yes. Adult snapping turtles will eat baby snapping turtles.

Razor back turtles eat worms,flowers,little wood chips,crums.

Yes, they can eat baby seaweed.

Baby turtles like to eat lots of greens, such as fruits and vegetables. However, they are more carnivorous when young, and slowly become more herbivorous as they grow.

No, a mussel or clam cannot be put in the same tank as a baby turtle. Baby turtles, as well as adult turtles will eat mussels and clams.

If they are sea baby turtle going to the ocean the yes

2 days later they are born

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