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Bacteria does and affects plants by:Bacteria in the soil and in nodules on some roots change the nitrogen into a form that plants could use.

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Q: What do bacteria do that is especially helpful to plants?
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What do some bacteria do that is especially helpful to plants?

Nitrogen fixing bacteria are important for plants as they can convert Nitrogen from the air into Nitrates in the soil which the plant can then use. Legumes have nodules on their roots to provide a suitable habitat for them.

Name all helpful bacteria?

It is possible to name ALL the helpful bacteria. Especially since the definition of helpful is so subjective. However there are numerous species of bacteria that live in the gut that assist in digestion.ONE helpful bacteria is E.coli

How is an amoeboid protist helpful?

Amoeboid protists are helpful because they eat bacteria. Thus, they protect plants and animals that would be harmed by those bacteria.

How is bacteria helpful to the environment?

Bacteria exists in the soil. The sunlight that is carried into the soil is then taken in by these bacteria and transformed into the gas that is needed by the plants to make nutrients for the plants and digested.

How are Bacteria Helpful?

Bacteria is helpful becao

What do bacteria do that is helpful to plants?

Nitrogen fixing bacteria convert atmospheric N2 to organically accessable compounds. Nitrogen is an important nutrient for plants. Kevin 2012

How are bacteria helpful to plants?

Because some bacteria like rhizobium fixed nitrogen in the atmosphere which is essential for plant growth.

What do some bacteria do that is especially helpful to plans?

There is a group of bacteria (Nitrosomonas) which lives in nodules on the roots of leguminous plants (e.g. peas and beans) that fixes atmospheric nitrogen into a form that the plant can use. Because of this the plant does not need nitrogenous fertiliser.

How bacteria are helpful to other organisms?

How bacteria are helpful to other organisms?In Bacteria

Where is nitrogen bacteria found?

In soil. Especially around certain plants (legumes).

What bacteria is helpful to farmers?

Bacillus thuringiensis. It allows the plants to produce a natural insect repellnt.

Microscopic single-celled simple plants some some are harmful some are helpful classified to shape?

Bacteria or bacterium are the microscopic single-celled simple plants some are harmful and some are helpful. Bacteria constitute a large domain of prokaryotic microorganisms.

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