What do bedbugs look like?

They are reddish brown flat looking things. Adult bedbugs are about 5 millimetres long and 3 millimetres wide and they have six legs. But if they have recently had a blood meal off somebody, which they nearly always do during the night by biting somebody asleep in their bed, then they will be expanded and look rather like a red ladybird (ladybug). Nymph bedbugs (that is baby bedbugs) are smaller in size than the adults, but still visible with your naked eye. If your bed is infested you may see adults or nymphs crawling on the bedding during the day, particularly if you move your sheets around or turn your mattress over, as their most favourite hiding place is in the folds of your mattress. But they do not like light so will rush to find somewhere dark to hide if suddenly confronted with light.