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Q: What do bluebirds feed their young?
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What is a bluebirds probable diet?

Bluebirds feed almost entirely on insects and fruits.

What is the eastern bluebirds food source?

Eastern bluebirds feed on insects and fruit mainly.

What do bluebirds feed their babies?

Worms and other insects.

What do eastern bluebirds feed on?

Mainly insects, fruits and worms.

Do bluebirds have families?

Sort of. Bluebirds reproduce and have "family" but it isn't like how we have families. The young birds grow up and fly away and later have no contact with their parents.

Do bluebirds have predators?

Yes, bluebirds have predators. Foxes, cats, and raccoon may eat the eggs or live young out of the nest. Other birds such as sparrows compete with bluebirds for nesting places. Sparrows often break eggs and kill babies.

How many species of bluebirds are there?

There are 3 main species of bluebirds. They are called: Eastern bluebirds, mountain bluebirds, and Western bluebirds.

What do amphibians feed there young?

They don't feed their young at all.

What animals feed the young?

All animals feed their young.

What do you feed bluebirds?

Bluebirds will sometimes come to feeders offering seed mixes with sunflower seeds. This isn't as likely though. Bluebirds are fond of berries and meal worms. Put a tray of meal worms outside and they should nab them up. Be careful, other birds will also gladly eat these.

What amphibian feed young with milk?

Animals which feed their young with milk are classed as mammals, amphibians do not feed their young with milk.

Does a lyrebird feed its young milk?

Birds do not feed their young on milk. The lyrebird is a bird, so it does not feed its young milk.