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What do boys want from girls?

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Well most boys are pigs, but some of us girls learn to love them.An intelligent (nerd) boy is looking for a girl who is also smart and can have a bright conversation with. The average boy (pig) is looking for a sexy attractive girl to impress his mates, unlike the brainyacs they dont care about a girls personality that means they have to pretend to listen and boys aren't so much with the listening. The decent guy (not nerdy nor a pig) does not mind to listen to a girl and are very considerate of a girls feelings GIRLS THESE ARE THE BOYS OUR SPECIES SHOULD DATE. IM SURE THERE IS 1 FOR ALL GIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When is the most times boys want girls?

The most time boys want girls is in bed

How do guys want their girlfriends to be like?

boys want girls to act sexy to them but only them no other boy or apparently the girls are cheating on them. Boys want to girls kiss them in front of there friends but no flirting with no other boys

Why do good girls go for bad boys and bad girls go for good boys?

good girls want to make themselves look better with bad boys. bad girls don't want to be taken advantage of which is why they go for good boys.

What girls like for boys to do?

Girls what boys to be honest, loving, romantic! Girls want boys to hug them from behind because its romantic! Girls want to know that the by they have can protect them and be with them through good times and bad times! xx

Will boys get girls what they want?

If they are smart they will.

Why does girls like in guys?

Girls have their own type in boys some want bad boys ,good boys , smart boys ugly boys , cute boys.

Why do some boys want to be girls?

They want to have boobs and want to squeeze them,

Why do the bad boys want good girls?

Hi They want good girls because they are the perfect one's to take home to Mom! reverse the question why do us girls always want the bad boys?

If you have four guinea pigs what gender should they be if they share the same cage?

if you want babies you put 2 girls in and 2 boys if you dont get four boys or four girls if you want babies you put 2 girls in and 2 boys if you dont get four boys or four girls

Why do boys like to tickle girls?

cause they want to touch the girls

Why do boys ask girls out?

Boys ask girls out (or boys/girls ask boys/girls out...), when they like that person and want to be on a deeper level of relationship with one another. Going out can be either on a date or to be in a relationship with one another.

What type of boys want girls?


Do boys just want girls with body?


What girls want with his boys?

girls want boys for allot of reasons pleasure romance kids someone to talk to we made this test out of ten girls 7 of them trust guys so even to chat with so girls you all know why you want boys look deep know i will know

Why do boys want to see your breasts?

Boys are stimulated when they think about girls unclothed.

Why girls want a bigger size of breast?

To make them look hot for boys. Well girls want a bigger size breast so Boys get to like them.

What boys want in girls?

What boys want in girls in girls is easy; *its your warm self being attitude and personality Make sure to be yourself when being around a boy! and don't be afraid to do anything with him!

Why girls can wear boys clothing and why boys can't wear girls clothing?

That's wrong. Anybody can wear what they want

Why do boys touch girls?

They want to feel in control

Where do boys want to girls most?

what is that supposed to mean?

Do girls want to make out?

Of course they do They love boys

Do boys and girls go to a cosmetoligist?

they can if they really want to.

What shuld girls want from boys?

love babe

Do girls want to look at boys cocks?

some do

Are girls too pushy when they ask the boy out?

No, in fact, girls should ask out boys more often, boys love it. They love girls who know what they want!