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What do brain surgeons wear?

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Depending on the occasion, when attending a black tie event they usually wear black tie's. However when going to bed the garment of choice for a brain surgeon is a night gown with hat. During surgery though many surgens opt for comedy foam fingers as they feel this adds an extra element of excitment for themselves and all involved, as well as aiding them when asking for instrument 's that they often forget the name's off, so they just have to point.

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When was Brain Surgeons created?

Brain Surgeons was created in 1994.

What is a Doctor Who does surgery?

They are known as surgeons. There are brain surgeons, heart surgeons, and general surgeons.

Do heart surgeons make more than brain surgeons?

No they don't because brain surgeon are the highest level of surgeons out there

How are brain surgeons helpful?

Brain surgeons are helpful because say you have a disease that affects your brain and there were no brain surgeons to help you remove the disease. Say that the disease starts from your brain, if there weren't any brain surgeons it would spread through all of your body affecting your arms, legs,ect.

Are there any black female brain surgeons?

Yes, there are lots of black female brain surgeons.

What are people who do brain operation?

brain surgeons

What are the names of some famous Brain Surgeons?

Dr. Wilder Penfield was one of the famous brain surgeons.

What training do brain surgeons get?

Brain surgeons treat diseases, injuries, and deformities of the brain. It takes training beyond the medical and surgeon training.

How much do brain surgeons make in Louisiana?

Brain surgeons in Louisiana who are often identified as neurosurgeon's, make $187,200 annually. The top 10% of brain surgeons earn upwards to $1 million annually.

Brain surgeons salary?


How much do brain surgeons earn a week?

how much do brain surgeons earn a week?

What is the highest paying surgeon?

Plastic surgeons, heart surgeons, and brain surgeons all make the most salary out of doctors.

What is a brain surgeon in a year?

A brain surgeon in a year is a rate of brain surgeons to time.

How many brain surgeons are there in the us?


How many brain surgeons are there in the world?


How many brain surgeons in the US?


How many males are brain surgeons?


What do they call brain surgeons?

They are called neurosurgeons.

What are brain surgeons occupation?

A brain surgeon is someone who opperates on brains and specilises in the human brain.

What do surgeons wear at work?


Are lawyers the highest paying job?

No, but brain surgeons are.

What tools do brain surgeons use?

sharp ones.

Who are the top 10 living brain surgeons?


What makes more money a brain surgeon or heart surgeon?

I am a brain surgeon and i make a lot of money. Cardiac Surgeons get alot of money. Brain surgeons make only a little more than a Cardiac Surgeon.

How do brain surgeons us math?

because the nerves of our brain are arranged like that they work properly.......