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Its just a silly thing to do I guess it was idk now aperently bunny ears means you like someone now? What the hell is that I always grew up doing it to my friends and joking we just thought it was a silly and stupid thing to do?

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What does it mean when a bunny has its ears up?

There listening.

Do bunny ears mean turn around and kiss you?

no that just a mith some people do but its not true

What does it mean when a bunny has its ears down?

it's calm

What does the 2 bunny ears mean?

if a person does the two bunny ears it means that they like you and if they do more that means for Halloween they want to see you wearing a bunny costume with more than two ears if a person does bunny ears behind your head it means meet me in the bed in 10 to 2 minutes and also means they like you

What does it mean when a bunny's ears stand up?

The bunny is listening.

What do bunny ears behind someones head mean?

When any gender puts bunny ears behind someone's head it means they want to have highly romantic socializing

What does horn mean like a girl horned you?

She cheated on you. Put the horns on you , like bunny ears, made a fool of you.

What is the distinguishing features of a rabbit?

I'm not sure guessing bunny ears and its little nose.Rabbits twitch their nose alot to if that's what you mean?

What does it mean when two bunny are jumping on each other?

they hop to it

What does lop-ear mean?

Lop Ear or Lop Eared means your bunny has ears that hang down rather than stand up.

What does split the ears of the groundlings mean?

It means offend the ears of the standing audience in the theatre - the lowest people It means offend the ears of the standing audience in the theatre - the lowest people

Is there a difference between bunnies and rabbits?

first answer: No, there is no difference between a bunny and a rabbit. The word "bunny" is just a nickname for rabbits -- it derives from the old-time word for "rabbit," which was "coney" (pronounced with a soft "o," like "honey"). The word "rabbit" actually used to mean baby coneys -- nowadays, "rabbit" refers to the animal in general, "bunny" is a nickname, and babies are called "kits" (or "kittens"). second answer: I think they do have a difference between them because the bunny has their ears bend down forward and the rabbit ears stays up response: You are thinking of lop-eared rabbits. Bunnies with ears that bend down are called lops or lop-eared. Bunnies with ears that stay up don't have a special name.

Your bunny has two red sacs near her private what does this mean?

that means your bunny is a GUY bunny!??!?!

If a horse's ears are slanted backwards what does it mean?

he is other: Mad,scared,tired.

What does it mean if a bunny does not move but still eats?

Chances are the bunny is overweight.

Does the Easter Bunny like people?

he thinks we are fat pancakes! and we dont take showers!he is mean!

What are your favorite happy bunny saying?

There are many different Happy Bunny sayings that people would call their favorite. These sayings however are all actually quite mean.

Which animal has ears on the sides of its body?

there are no animals that have ears on there sides unless they have a birth defect

Did dinosaurs have ears?

Yes, dinosaurs do have ears, but unlike ours they are not external. If you mean ears like a humans or other mammals then no dinosaurs did not have "ears" they instead had holes in the sides of their heads, these are known as internal ears whereas humans and mammals ears are external ears.

What does it mean when your bunny keeps crawling into your lap?

It means that your bunny really likes you......... :)

Is a bunny cuter than a parrot?

bunny all the way!! especially when they wash their faces!! bunny owners, you know what i mean!

What means cut but some bunny ears?

"Cut but some bunny ears" doesn't mean anything. If your rabbit has a cut on its ears, it should see a vet. Never pick a rabbit up by its ears: it's very painful for them. The ears are a very sensitive part on your rabbit's body, so always be very gentle when touching them (or don't touch them at all). Never get water in your rabbit's ears, it can lead to an infection. Look inside your rabbit's ears very closely once a month (along with an entire physical at-home exam and grooming tasks). If you see any inflammation, or any crustiness, or foreign objects, or anything unusual, bring your rabbit to the vet. If your rabbit seems preoccupied with digging its feet in its ears and shaking its head, bring it to the vet.

What does fluffy bunny mean?

A fluffy bunny is an exceedingly furry rabbit like this one.

What bunny does not eat lettuce?

Do you mean "What?" or "Why?" Our bunny ate lettuce, and carrots and apples too.

What does Bunny hug mean in Canada?

a bunny hug is referred to as a hooded sweatshirt in Saskatchewan