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Well, usually cat's only get mad when there is someone around. They don't usually get mad from nothing. But, let's say if they would be mad at a floating speck or something, they would hiss and growl. They might take their stress out on your couch or anything scratchable. Usually then they would just run and hide afterwards if no one is around. Because they're mad. But they hardly get mad for nothing.

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Why do cats bite their owners?

When they are playing, or when the owner does something that makes them angry. This is a main way of communicating with humans.

What happens if you pull a cats tail?

It will get angry and probably bite or scratch you. Its like if someone came up to you and pulled your arm. You would get angry too. It will also HISS at you for doing that (I have experience with that).

Why do cats like to bite?

Cats tend to bite when they want to play or when they get angry. If your cat is biting too much, you might try using a spritz bottle with water in it to deter your cat when it begins to bite too much or too hard. I would not recommend hitting your cat to make it stop biting.

Do Sloworms Bite?

No they do not bite cats when attacked

Do dogs eat cats?

Dogs do not eat cats. only people eat cats

Why do cats bite themselves?

cats bite themselves because wen they are ichy and scratch with their foot and they cant get the itch out they will bite tehmselves to get the itch out

Why do pigs bite?

If there hungry or angry

What does an angry dog do with its teeth?


Why do bees bite?


Does sheep dogs bite people?

No they do not bite people unless they are really angry

Do Persian cats easily get angry?

No, Persian cats are known for being calm and they don't get angry very fast.

Can cats bite?

Yes cats do bite only if you scare them or pick them up when they don't want to be picked up And also if you stare at them for a long time then they will bite

Why are some dogs frightened of cats?

cats have claws and they bite.

Do cats know not to bite a scar?

yes cats knows

Why do cats bite their tails?

Cats bite their tails because they have an itch, don't no what it is, playing, or probably just trying to get noticed.

Why do cats have angry eyes?

They don't have angry eyes, they were born that way.

How come guinea pigs bite?

They will bite you or other guinea pigs if they are angry or annoyed.

Why do cats bite your face?

They will bite/scratch anything in its path when it is aggrivated.

Why do dogs cats horses bite people?

why do dogs bite people

What do cats do when they're angry?

Cats will sometimes hiss, spit, or spray.

Why the does your cat bite you for no reason?

cats can bite if they feel threatened as one of the instincts but they can bite to tell you no or to stop it

Do cats meow at other cats?

i mean they bite i dont think they meow at other cats

What happens when a Jaguar bits?

It is obviously angry. the bite will hurt extreamly. the bite might get infected.

Why do cats bite warriors?

warriors bite when fighting because that's instinct.

Do fungus gnats bite cats?

they don't bite, they sting, and fyi yes

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