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Do Chinese kids use chopsticks at school?

Yes. They eat lunch, don't they?

What do Chinese eat?

what do the Chinese eat

Do Chinese mothers make their kids eat everything on the plate?

no.,clearing your plate in china is considered rude

Do Chinese eat on the ground or the table?

I'm Chinese and i normally eat on the table i think Chinese mostly eat on the table

What is meant the term blood and iron?

It means if you eat your veggies you will be so strong you'll bleed out iron.... ancient Chinese saying to get there kids to eat vaggies.

What games did Chinese kids play?

Chinese checkers

Do the Chinese eat vegetables?

Of course they do!!! I'm Chinese and I eat vegetables!!!

How do Chinese kids get to school?

They fly their pet unicorns. But most Chinese kids prefer Dragons as pets.

Is Chinese food really Chinese?

That depends on what chinese food you eat. It's really for a good taste if you eat the traditional chinese food.

What do people in china usually eat?

Chinese people eat Chinese food.

Does Chinese people eat dogs?

Yes. Some Chinese eat dogs.

Why do Chinese eat gau?

Chinese people eat Gau because its lucky to eat that on Chinese New year. So go find some gau and eat up!

When do you eat Chinese egg spring rolls?

You eat Chinese egg rolls during the Chinese New year.

What do people eat for Chinese New Year and why?

They eat Chinese food. They do so because they are Chinese and because they are hungry.

Why Chinese eat pork?

Chinese people love to eat pork! They eat it to make their body grow

Does Justin Bieber eat kids for really?

No, he will not eat kids it is horrible how can he No no no no no he will not eat kids Laugh out loud

Why do Chinese people eat on the floor?

Chinese people do not eat on the floor. Japanese people do.

When do Chinese people usually eat their food?

Chinese people usually eat when they are hungry!

Who used Chinese noodles?

Chinese people eat Chinese nodles

Where do Chinese people eat?

Chinese houses, Chines restaurants, Chinese streets, Chinese parks. Chinese people visiting other countries would eat where all of the other people did.

Why do Chinese people eat?

rice, rice baby. You asked: 'WHY' do Chinese people eat? The Chinese people have to eat like any other people in order to survive.

Do Chinese mothers make their kids eat everything on their plates?

This is to reduce food wastage and has its roots in the numerous famines that plagued China in the past.

What is the answer for what do kids eat on the playground?


Do Chinese kids have technology?

Yes, They do!

What do Chinese eat during Christmas?

chinese food

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