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Both cinder cones and shield volcanoes are volcanoes that primarily erupt basaltic lava and do not produce large explosive eruptions.

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What kind of volcanoes have cinder cones?

The types of volcanoes that have cinder cones are shield volcanoes, stratovolcanoes, and caldera. Cinder cones are the steep hill forming the shape of a cone on a volcanic eruption.

Is Taal a cinder cone shield or stratovolcano?

Taal is a complex volcano consisting of a caldera, tuff cones, cinder cones, and maars.

What are the similarities between cinder cone and shield volcanoes?

cinder cones are made out of magma and shield is the hard rocks that fall from the volcano!!

Is the shield volcano the smallest?

No. Shield volcanoes are quite large. Cinder cones are the smallest volcanoes.

Three main types of volcanic cones?


What are four types of of volcanoes?

Dome, Shield, Composite and Cinder Cones :)

How many types of volcanoes are there?

5, Composite (strato), Shield, Cinder Cones, Spatter Cones and Complex Volcanoes

What are the two main types of volcano eruptions?

Shield volcanoes and cinder cones

What types of volcanoes are in New Mexico?

Composite, Cinder cones, and Shield Volcanoes.

What are the kinds of cone volcanoes?

There are three kinds of cone volcanoes shield cones, composite cones, and cinder cones. Shield cones have very fluid lava. They erupt with a quiet lava flow. An example of a shield cone volcano is Mauna Loa. A shield cone is pretty much a little dome that has been flattened. Composite cones have sticky lava and rock bits. They have the most explosive eruptions An example of a composite cone volcano is Vesuvius. Composite cones are steep at the top but gentle at the bottom. Cinder cones have cinders. They have explosive eruptions An example is Paricutin. A cinder cone is very steep.

Diffenence between shield volcanoes and cinder cones?

Shield Volcanoes = Slow flow of lava,very wide and long

How many different types of volcanoes are there?

There are 5 types of volcanoes;composite, shield, cinder cones, spatter cones and complex volcanoes

How many different types volcanoes are there?

3 3 Five: Shield, Composite/Strato, Cinder Cones, Spatter Cones and Complex.

List the three types of volcanoes and how they are formed?

Ash and Cinder cones: Built up on successive layer of ash and cinder. Shield Cones: Made mainly from basic lava and as such they have a gently sloping mountain. Composite cones: Built up on layer of ash , cinder and lava.

What is the most common volcano?

The most common volcano is the cinder cone volcano. Unlike shield volcanoes and stratovolcanoes, many cinder cones are monogenetic, meaning they form from a single, relatively short period of activity and then never erupt again.

3 types of volcanic cones?

Shield Volcanoes Composite Volcanoes Cinder Cone Volcanoes

Is iceland volcano a shield volcano?

There are a number of volcanoes in Iceland of different types including shield volcanoes, cinder cones, and stratovolcanoes.

Why are cinder cones smaller than shield volcanoes?

Cinder cone volcanoes are like a small "pop" not like a big erupt. Shield volcanoes are bigger because they make a big explosion of oozing lava. The cinder cones only erupt once and the ash forms a large crater that stacks up

Where are some examples of extrusive igneous rocks?

Lava domes/shield volcanoes, ash and cinder cones, and composite cones/strato-volcanoes.

Which type of volcano is most common?

Cinder cones are the most common volcanoes.

Where can you find cinder cones?

Cinder cones are usually found on the sides of shield volcanoes, calderas, and stratovolcanoes. Many cinder cones can be found in Hawaii on the volcano of Mauna Kea. The most active cinder cone is found in Nicaragua. It is named Cerro Negro, and according to geologists and scientist has erupted around 20 times since 1850.

Are cinder cones usually found at the edge of large volcanoes?

Yes, although technically, strato-volcanoes *are* cinder cones (composite cones), built up of layers of ash. But the term "cinder cones" (ash cones) is usually applied to smaller cones that form within the vicinity of large volcanic calderas, such as Crater Lake in Oregon. They may be associated with either strato-volcanoes or shield volcanoes.

How are volcanic cones classified?

There are three types of volcanos, shield, cinder, and composite volcanos. Cinder volcanos are the smallest, while shield volcanos are the largest. Composite volcanos are the most dangerous and the most explosive.

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