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What do climate and weather have in common?

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They are the same thing they're just named different.

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What does climate have in common with weather?

Climate is the average weather over a period of time while weather is right now

What weather and climate maps have in common?


What kind of weather is common in Vietnam?

warm weather because it is a tropical climate

Does weather influence climate or does climate influence weather?

Climate is a classification that is chiefly defined by weather.

How are seasons weather and climate connected to each other?

Climate is affected by the seasons and the weather is affected by the climate. Seasons=Climate=Weather.

What do changes in weather patterns and climate mean for the Earth?

Nothing, the Earth has been here for 4.6 billion years and a change in climate and weather is a pretty common occurrence in that long history.

Differentiate weather from climate?

Weather is temporary Climate is Permanent

Climate is the weather at?

Climate is the weather conditions of a certain region.

How are weatherand climate similar or different?

Climate is the integration of weather, and weather is the differentiation of climate. The distinction between weather and climate is, therefore, mainly one of time.

Why is there climate in some countries but no weather?

There is always weather. Climate is the average weather over a number of years, so if there's no weather, then there's no climate either.

Which climate never has really cold weather?

The climate that never has cold weather is the Tropical climate!

What is the difference between weather and climate.?

weather is day to dayclimate is the average weather of a place

What is the study of the weather and climate called?

Meterology: Study of weather and climate

What type of climate does Trinidad and tobago have?

weather climate\ tropical weather

What is the popular phrase for the difference of weather and climate?

"Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get"

How is climate and weather linked or related?

climate means weather conditions.

What is the study of weather and climate?

The study of weather and climate is called meteorology.

Synonyms of climate?

weather weather weather

How is weather diff from climate?

Weather-existing conditions, Climate is the change in weather pattern . ( climate- average condition, i.e. temperate, etc. )

What is weather and climate mean?

Weather - Short TermClimate - Long Term

Is climate different then weather?

Yes, because climate is yearly and weather is daily.

Describe the relationship among meteorology weather and climate?

There is a direct relationship between meteorology and weather and climate. Meteorology is actually the study of weather and climate.

Is snow climate or weather?


Distinguish between climate and weather?

Climate is the general trends of weather and environment for a location.Weather is the kind of weather happening now.