What do clowns wear?

Whiteface Clown Makeup: A whiteface clown usually wears a fully covered white face with red to highlight the mouth and cheeks. This is usually accompanied by a colourful wig.
Whiteface Clown Costume: As a leader of the clown troop, a whiteface is usually dressed the smartest. This clown likes to look his best at all times and usually wears a tie of some sorts.

Auguste Clown Makeup: This clown needs to portray as a fool or joker so the facial characteristics are usually exaggerated. This clown usually has a blush toned face with white around the eyes and mouth with red lines around the white.
Auguste Clown Costume: This clown has the widest range of costumes but usually has oversized or undersized costumes.

Hobo Clown Makeup: A hobo is the opposite of the white faced clown, he has a face that some may think is rough and rugged, he will have a black beard white white around the mouth and eyes to represent soot that has been wiped away.
Hobo Clown Costume: Hobo's like to wear clean but ragged clothes that look as if they have been well worn, sometimes this is accompanied with fingerless gloves and not very colourful jackets or over-coats.

Character Clown Makeup: This sort of clown will wear whatever makeup he/she needs to portray to bring out the character they are trying to represent. So if you are a cowboy clown the the makeup may be rough like the hobo clown.
Character Clown Costume: Once again the costume will need to bring out the clowns character so this time the cowboy clown will probably wear a cowboy rodeo styled clown costume.