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What do cockroach droppings look like?


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It looks like black pepper. Like if you accidentally spilled some from your pepper shaker. Very small and black.


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American cockroach droppings look like little small round balls.

YES, because a mole is brown like mouse droppings

Squirrel droppings look very similar to rat droppings. They are very light brown in color and look like black beans or raisins.

what do bat droppings look like? That was not a good answer, if you can call it an answer, really there is no answer really there droppings are hard to explain. theres not just one answer.

Fly droppings resemble small black specks, similar to that of roach droppings. Other insect droppings also look like small black specks as well.

Termite droppings Look like normal tiny pellets that guinea pigs eat.

rabbit droppings look like Nesquick cereal if you've never heard of it then it looks like smarties

Chipmunk droppings do look like mouse droppings. It can be difficult to tell the difference between the two. However, chipmunk droppings are a tiny bit larger.

Like hamster droppings, or rather- small brown tic-tacs

it looks like little slime dropping and they are a little bit bigger the a rabbits droppings

They look like a mound of ashen grey rabbit droppings, The pile may contain 16-20 cylindricle pellets. They are dry, and powdery.

Duck droppings resemble most bird droppings. It is usually white in nature and only a small amount will come out at a time.

it looks like a small peice of rabbit droppings

They look like tiny black circular shaped coffee beans

Its dependent of many factors, but bodily harm in the form of disease/sickness is possible with the ingestion of 'droppings' of any sort.

The droppings are the same size and shape as a grain of rice, and they are very dark brown.

Not exactly. Elk have droppings that are a little bit larger than the droppings you'd find from deer. They do look similar (as they are both in the form of droppings) but size is the big differential.

Cockroach larvae do not look like most other larvae do. Instead of looking like many larvae do, which is mainly a tiny worm-like grub, baby cockroaches look like mini versions of adult cockroaches.

Like strawberries! What else. it looks like normal poo!

They look like little orange rabbit droppings except mush glossier.

It depends on the snake. For instance, a rattlesnakes droppings is runny, and a larger snake, like a king cobra is long, skinny and solid.

little black pieces of rice

They are small black dots that are in clusters

Their droppings will be wateringWatery doodie.

It looks like mouse droppings. (small ovals)

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