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They eat hay, vegetables, fruits like Pears and apples. Some milk farmers feed their cows left over candy from nearby candy factories. Candies like gummy worms and mint jawbreakers. Most dairy farmers feed their cows a mixture of essential proteins and other various nutrients to maximize milk production.

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What do cows eat besides hay?

Grass, grain and silage.

What do cows eat outside?

cows eat grass

What eats an animal that eats grass?

humans....we eat cows and cows eat grass...

Do cows eat flowers?

Yes. A lot of the legume plants that they eat have flowers--clover, alfalfa, sanfoin, etc--thus it isn't all that uncommon for a cow to eat a bunch of flowers in addition to the grass they graze.

What animals eat grass in a grassland?

Cows eat grass in the grass land because cows only eat grass.That is the only food they in their daily life so cows eat in the grassland

How do cows get their food?

cows eat grass

Does cow have grass?

No. Cows EAT grass. They do not "have" grass.

How do cows eat pork?

Cows do not eat pork. Cows do not eat any meat. They eat grass and hay.

Do french cows eat meat?

French cows eat grass.

What can eat grass?


Will cows eat long grass?

Cows will eat long grass. Haven't you ever heard, "The cow's in the corn?" Corn is a tall grass.

What animals do cows eat?

Cows don't eat animals, they eat grass they are herbivores.

Do cows eat rocks?

No, they eat grass.

Do wild cows eat people?

NoCows are herbivores, they eat grass not people.

Do cows only eat grass goods plus have no inclination for meats etc?

Yes, cows eat grass and leaves; but do not eat meat and fish.

What do cows like to eat?


Are cows carnivories?

no they eat grass

What do cows eat in Minecraft?


What do Icelandic cows eat?

They eat grass, just like other breeds of cows do.

Can cows eat pie?

No. Cows eat grass, hay, grains or special feeds.

Why do cows grase in the grass?

Grass is what they eat most of the time

Is green grass okay for your cows to eat?

Naturally. It's questioning common sense to question whether grass is "okay" for cows to eat!!

Do moo cows eat grass?

Yes. Moo cows are just a toddler's term for cattle, and obviously yes, cattle do eat grass.

Do cows eat popcorn?

No, cows tend to eat grass, hay or special cow food

Do ferrets eat grass?

Ferrets do not eat grass. Ferrets are carnivores meaning they eat meat and nothing else. Cows eat grass

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