What do crows say?

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Q: What do crows say?
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How do you use crows in a sentences?

There are eight crows sitting on the telephone wire.

How do you say go to the crows in Greek?


What is the collective noun of crows rioters and policemen?

The collective nouns for crows are:a cauldron of crowsa caucus of crowsa congress of crowsa cowardice of crowsa hover of crowsa murder of crowsa muster of crowsa parcel of crowsThe collective noun for rioters is a melee of rioters.The collective noun for policemen is a posse of policemen.

What is the collective noun for crows?

The standard collective nouns for crows are:a horde of crowsa hover of crowsa murder of crowsa muster of crowsa parcel of crows

Can crows eat crows?

Crows will eat their own dead.

What is a lot of crows called?

A congress of crows, or a murder of crows.

What animals can talk?

Parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, cockatoos, ravens, crows are the main animals that can actually say human words. Crows are, surprisingly, the smartest of the birds I listed.

What is a collective of crows called?

A collection of crows is called a "Murder of crows".

What is the name of a few crows?

A number of crows is called a "murder" of crows.

Are a group of crows called a cackle riot or just flock of crows?

Two or more crows is called a murder of crows.

What is a nest of crows?

You call a nest of crows a nest of crows. There is no specific name for it.

What does crows in a dream mean?

Crows often represent scavengers or bad news in dreams. However, it is impossible to suggest any specific meaning without information about the particular dream in question. For example, in the context of Native American mythology, crows carry very different meaning than crows that appear in, say, Disney cartoons or in George R. R. Martin's fiction. So your dream of crows depends on what the crows are doing/saying in your particular dream.

What is a sentence for crows?

There are crows nesting in my garden.Crows are very intelligent wild birds.

Is it lucky if a crow poops on your head?

Most would say no. Crows are associated with evil.

Are crows herbivors?

Crows are omnivores.

Are crows mammals?

No, crows are birds.

Group of crows?

Hover, Muster, Parcel, Murder A Hover of Crows A Murder of Crows A Muster of Crows

What group of animals is called a coven?

Crows- either a Murder of Crows or a Coven of Crows.

Will crows eat other crows?

Crows do not usually kill and eat other crows, but they would eat a dead crow if they found one.

Flock of crows is called what?

A 'murder' of crows.

Where did the American crows come from?

other crows

What colors are crows?

crows are matalic black

What are a bunch of crows called?

A murder of crows.

Are crows viscous?

Yes, crows are vicious.

What are Murder Birds?

Crows. (a murder of crows).