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What do de nada mean in spanish?

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it's ok or dont mention it

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What does de nada in Spanish mean?

de nada means You're welcome

What does Nada in Spanish?

Well de nada does mean your welcome but just plan nada means none.

What if your welcome in Spanish?

If you mean You are welcome, it is 'De nada'

What does the Welsh De Nada mean?

De Nada is Spanish, not Welsh. It means "you're welcome" or "it's nothing".

What does De nada mi amor mean?

De nada is the Spanish phrase that means 'Your welcome' and mi amor is Spanish for 'my love'.Your welcome, my love.

What is de nada mean?

It Spanish ... It mean "of nothing" or in better context thank you ....

What does Te Nada mean in spanish?

It is 'de nada' and would mean "you're welcome" (replied after given some thanks)

What does 'de nada' mean?

DE nada means "you're welcome" or "no problem" in Spanish. It is translated literally as "of nothing." however, d nada I am not sure of.

What does the Spanish word 'nada' mean?

The English meaning of the Spanish word 'nada' is nothing. A common use of the word in Spanish is in combination with the preposition 'de', which means 'from' or 'of' in English. The Spanish phrase 'de nada' translates into English as the response, 'you're welcome', when the speaker says 'gracias', or thank you.

How do you write you're Welcome in spanish?

"de nada", "por nada", ¿de qué?, no hay de qué, no es nada.

What is another way to say de nada in spanish?

¡De qué! ¡No hay de qué! ¡No es nada! ¡Por nada!

What meaning in spanish 'you are welcome'?

¡Por nada!¡De nada! ¡No es nada! ¡No hay de qué! ¡De qué!

What does De nada amigo mean in spanish?

It means "You're welcome, my friend"

What part of speech is de nada?

The phrase "de nada" is an interjection. It is used in the US to mean "you're welcome". This is also the Spanish translation for the same phrase.

What is the Spanish translation for you are welcome?

if it is in terms of you are welcome to my home then bienvenido (welcome) if you mean as in you are welcome from thank you then por nada or de nada.

What does de nada mi amigo mean in spanish?

"No problem/you're welcome, my friend."

Na de na spanish translation?

Na de na = nada de nada = nothing at all

What Does y De Nada Mean?

de nada means its nothing.

What does daynoda mean in spanish?

It's spelled "de nada", and it literally means "of nothing". In common usage, however, it is the standard response to "gracias", which is Spanish for "thank you". So, "de nada" is the equivalent of "you're welcome".

How do you say You are very welcomed in Spanish?

De-nada [day-nada] (It's nothing)

How do you say in spanish you well come?

your welcome in spanish is DE NADA

What does nada de que mean?

Nada de que in English means nothing to.

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