What do democrats think about health care?

They think everyone has a RIGHT to health care, despite the fact that nothing in the US Constitution establishes this as a right. They think the US government can allocate health care more efficiently than the free market. They think that frivolous lawsuits from their buddies in the personal injury law field do not raise the costs of health care. They think that developing new drugs has zero costs, despite the onerous regulations of the FDA, and therefore, drug companies who charge high prices for their life-saving drugs are just greedy. They think that drug companies, when forced to lower the prices of their products, will continue developing new drugs, despite the fact that there's no profit to be had anymore. They think that everyone who doesn't have health insurance doesn't have it because they can't afford it (many people CAN afford it, but choose not to, because either they can afford to pay for any care out-of-pocket, or because they would rather spend the money on something else). They think that rationed health care will not result in long waits for necessary medical treatment. They think that when it comes to "free" health care, the axiom "you get what you pay for" somehow doesn't apply. They think the "solution" to a problem created by rampant government interfence in the free market is ... more government interference in the free market.