What do dolphins hate?

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dolphins hate getting bitten by sharks

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Q: What do dolphins hate?
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What is a dolphins offense?

i hate this place

Do dolphins hate sharks?

I don't think dolphins are capable of emotions-

Are sharks dolphins enemies?

Well sort of. Sharks hate dolphins. Well, not if they are eating them. But they will try to ward off the sharks, but the sharks and dolphins aren't friends. At all! :) Hope that helps!

What does killer whales hate dolphin?

Killer whales do no hate dolphins. Although dolphins have been found in killer whale stomachs, it is unknown whether or not they were hunted or scavenged. There have even been instances in where dolphins and killer whales have been known to hunt together and helped each other out.

Where do dolphins fit in the food chain?

Dolphins are not part of the food chain because they do not have a lot of predators. The only predators that dolphins have are human and sharks. They are usually in groups so sharks do not try to attack them but, humans catch thousands of dolphins in a year but, dolphins are not endangered. dolphins are part of the food chain just at the top because they do not have a lot of predators the sharks hate the dolphins becuase dolphins attack shark when there being threaten

Who are dolphins eaten by?

Dolphins are sometimes eaten by a specific type of shark. (not sure what shark though) Only because they have no other choice it is a food source so don't go hating sharks because one type of shark eats dolphins and don't hate that type of shark because it eats dolphins

How many game did Miami Dolphins win in 2007?

1 He is correct they beat Baltimore ravens. Yesssss! I hate the ravens

Are dolphins more interesting than any other animal?

"Interesting" is an opinion. For example, some people think that insects are most interesting, and others may hate them. In my opinion, dolphins are very interesting, but I am equally interested in most vertebrate animals.

Are dolphins nocturnal?

Dolphins are nocturnal.

What is the antonym of dolphins?

The antonym (opposite) of dolphins is no dolphins.

What kind of dolphins are in Greece?

There are Risso's dolphins, striped dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and common dolphins in the seas surrounding Greece.

What does dolphins mean?

dolphins means a lot of dolphins...plural

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