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The Dove or white pigeon (Columbiformes, to get technical) is a symbol of Peace and also represents the Holy Spirit. The spiritual angle of (Rest in Peace) and the soul taken flight (upward, one prays) all fall in. This should not be confused with Mourning which are not used in funerary practice, it"s just a name, and these are tan or brownish colored, so-called from pathetic cooing calls. They, too are of the Pigeon group.

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What does it mean if the doves don't fly away at the funeral?

The doves were too tame. Releasing doves at a funeral is cruelty. The domesticated doves do not know how to survive in the wild, and will fall victim to starvation, predators or disease, if not their fellow pigeons.

What do doves at a funeral represent?


What is the collective noun for collared doves?

There is no collective noun specifically for collared doves. The collective noun for doves are:an arc of dovesa cote of dovesa cove of dovesa dole of dovesa dule of dovesan exaltation of dovesa flight of dovesa flock of dovesa funeral of dovesa piteousness of dovesa pitying of dovesa prettying of doves

What does doves stand for in funeral?

Peace and free spirit.

What do butterfly at a funeral mean?

what does it mean when there is a butterfly at a funeral

How did doves protest against the war?

doves mean peace -answered by a 1st grader

Where do doves go when released at a funeral?

They go to the sky and circle the sky then come back down when every leaves

What is the symbolic meaning of two white doves?

The symbolic symbol of two white doves is the Holy Spirit. When you see the doves, it can also mean peace to you.

What does 5 white doves mean?

It doesn't mean anything.

What does the doves mean at the Olympics?

They mean peace for all the countries.

What does is mean when you see 2 doves?


What do tattoos of doves mean?

Doves mean hope,peace and pure, they also stand for someones spirit that has been released from earth and is on its way to heaven

What does it mean when you have a dream about a funeral?

It means you had a dream about a funeral

What is the collective noun of the word doves?

Collective nouns for doves are: a dule of dovesan exaltation of dovesa bevy of dovesa cote of dovesa flight of dovesa piteousness of dovesa pair of doves.

What does it mean when three doves fly over you while driving?

Nothing other than three doves flew over.

What do three doves mean?

Father, Son and spirit

What does hadeel mean?

It means the cooeing of the pigeons or doves

What does palomitas mean in English?

It means "Little doves"

What does las palomas mean in spanish?

The doves/pigeons

What does it mean to see 3 doves?

It means Holy Spirit

What symbols other than a heart mean love?


What does Los Palomas mean?

Los Palomas means the doves.

Do doves fly in flocks?

Yes doves travel in flocks. The terms for their group is a dule of doves, a flight of doves, a dole of doves, a cote of coves, a piteousness of doves.

What does funeral really mean?

Funeral means to sanctify or remembering the person who is not alive.

What does it mean when you dream about doves flying over me and my boyfriend while doves are passing by?

It could mean (depending on your age) that your subconscious mind maybe wants to marry this person? Or maybe that you're in love with them?