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Dragonflies eat bugs like mosquitoes and flies. They need a wet habitat like a pond.

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How do dragonflies survive?


What do dragonflies do to survive?

they fly away

How did giant dragonflies survive?

Giant Dragonflies no longer survive but they were alive during the existence of the dinosaur. They could survive then because the percentage of oxygen in the air was higher than today, that's why the dragonflies are much smaller. Source of info = Springwatch 2012

Do dragonflies survive winter?

Adult dragonflies cannot survive in winter. Once the cold weather begins to show up, they will migrate to a much warmer climate.

What does a dragonfly need to survive?

Dragonflies eat mosquitoes and flies. The female needs a water source in order to lay her eggs in, like a pond.

Do dragonflies need wings?

yes , they need to fly

Why do you need dragonflies?

We need them because they eat mosquito's and other small insects.

Do dragonflies eat other dragonflies?

Yes, dragonflies do eat other dragonflies.

Do dragonflies excrete?

All living organisms need to excrete waste, as this is one of the characteristics of life. When they are alive, dragonflies excrete waste.

Do dragonflies have antennaes?

yes they do. Although, dragonflies rely more on their sight, smell and sense of touch so they do not need large antennae

What is being done to help dragonflies?

they dont need help

What is a dragonflies niche?

Dragonflies need to live in areas with fresh water and places where there are lots of wild grasses. They have adapted to live in most areas of the world.

What do forests need to survive?

they need trees to survive.

Are dragonflies reptiles?

No. Dragonflies are insects.

Are dragonflies crustaceans?

No, Dragonflies are insects

Are dragonflies decomposers?

No. Dragonflies are predators.

What do jaguars need to survive?

jaguars need their teeth to survive

What does dolphin eat and need to survive?

it need oxygento survive

What do pukeko s need to survive?

what does pukeko need to survive

Do people need sunlight to survive?

no they do not need sunlight to survive

What did animals do to survive?

They basically do what humans do to survive. Like humans need to eat to survive and we also need to sleep to survive.

In Spyro enter the dragonfly how many dragonflies do you need to get to cloud nine?


Where can you listen to the song Dragonflies?

You'd need to say who it is by or quote some lyrics for an answer

Do dragonflies need water to live?

Yes, their larval stage is entirely aquatic.

Symbolism of dragonflies?

The symbolism of dragonflies is freedom.

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