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What do drug dog hate to smell?


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There's a herb called catnip, cats love it dogs hate it. Should solve your problem. ;-)


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They hate the lemon smell and most dogs hate chocolate smell but it depends on what type of dog you have

No "drug" looses dog smell(s)/or if you call frebreeze a drug then yes. there is.

My dog hates the smell of soap.

not all dogs hate the smell of socks. my dog LOVES socks! but maybe some dogs didn't like the smell of the sock.

It depends what type of "Vampire" you're talking about... Some are said to hate garlic, pumpkin, sunlight, the smell of a dog...

They hate the smell of purrfume or colone

You could put a substance on the wood that either dogs hate the smell of or that dogs hate the taste of. They will remember the smell/taste, and won't go there again.

Cats hate the smell of vinegar and ammonia.

I believe they hate the smell of mint's toxic to them.

Yes, all dogs have a very keen sense of smell. Drugs could have been moved months earlier and they can still smell them. Yes they can detect a previous drug location.

i think drug sniffers can smell 2000 times better then most humans

Because they hate the smell of the peel of the orange. It makes them dizzy.

Fleas hate peppermint!! If you have a dog and it has fleas, go to the pet store and ask for peppermint dog (or cat) shampoo!! It really works! Hope that helped! :) Fleas also hate the smell of vinegar. Mix up a spray bottle with vinegar and water and spray on your pets to help get rid of fleas. Its a nice safe natural way to treat fleas.

The smell of dead sharks.

well yes. Harvard studies show that a drug dog, if they are specifically trained can smell drugs from 1,000 miles away.

Of coarse they can... drug dogs smell all drugs... jeeze

Why do we hate the smell of moldy cheese? cause it doesnt smell very nice. Cats probably dont like the smell of citrus cause it doesnt smell very nice! Simples!

Most dogs hate the smell of citrus

yes they hate garlic because of the smell

Illegal drugs can smell like anything, it changes from drug to drug.

yes, ofcourse. A good dog can smell a seed under your front seat. Any amount or paraphanalia on Government property is a Federal offense.

Dogs are known to have a good sense of smell. If a dog does have a bad sense of smell it is probably the individual dog not a breed.

Cats hate the smell of anything close to strong like colone but dogs don't mind the smell of strong stuff

Breathing through your nose causes you to smell it, and if you hate it you wouldn't want to smell it. If you breathed through your mouth, you are less likely to smell it and strangely, taste it!

Uh, No. Why would he hate being a dog?

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