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What do eels eat?

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In the wild, eels eat such animals as octopuses and fish. In captivity, though, eels will eat almost any meaty food including:

-live fish


-squid and

-chopped fish

In the wild, squid is a delicacy, so be sure to give your eel some once in a while.

Also, be careful when feeding them! Eels have poor eyesight, and might mistake your fingers for a tasty morsel of food!

Ells eat small fish,insect,plantsin the ocean.They are also found in the Atlantic Ocean,pacific,and Indian ocean.

eel's eat other sea creature smaller then them, they are omnivores so they also eat plants. It depends on the eels...most are bottom feeders...which means they eat anything that drops on the bottom of the tank...some eat feeder,glassworms,tubifex worms, plankton and krill. Freswater eels can be notoriuosly hard to get to eat.

an eel eats plankton


plankton and fish.

eels will eat octupuses and live fish. But in captivity, they will eat shrimp, squid, and chopped fish.

road kill.

Small fishes
an eel eats plankton

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yes they did eat eels. When they were lucky that was.

Yes freshwater eels eat frogs.

EEls only eat flies if they are green eels, otherwise they ae very dangerous to eels and may kill the eel :(

Sand eels eat tiny pieces of mackerel

baby eels eat insects like ants

There are certain breeds of dolphins that eat eels. Bottlenose dolphins for example tend to eat eels as part of their diet.

There are many breeds of eels. Most eels are carnivores though there are a few that will eat ocean vegetation.

yes they eat.some of them

No. Sea turtles may eat eels though.

No eels cant eat a dolphin they are way too small. But dolphins will eat an eel

Puffins eat sand eels.

Eels eat fools like you who ask foolish questions.

No they only eat fish.

moray eels are hunted by groupers, barracudas, and other eels

Eels are eaten by large fish and sea birds. Raccoons will eat them. Some people will eat them. But some eels are so big like moray eels that they are at the top of the food chain.

No.I know that eels are fish,but eels do not have tails like other fish.

i hope we are talking about EELS or i might be in trouble... but yes EELS do eat... mostly other fish.

Eels will eat plankton as part of their diet. They will eat most any meaty food such as glassworms and tubifex worms.

other baby eels (dead ones)

Eels get a lot of their fluids from animals they eat. They "drink" water.

They eat through their mouths.

Eels get there food by grabbing there prey by with its mouth. Eels eat food such as planton,krill,tubifexx, and worms..........

eels will eat anything smaller than it and they have a pretty bad eye sight carefull with your fingers.hahaha

Eels will hunt and eat fish and other species in the water that is smaller than them. This includes clams.

Electric eels do not eat plants. They are carnivores, and will feed on fish, frogs, and small birds.

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