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It actually depends on the job your applying for but here are a few things that are looked at first: Your application-is it filled out correctly and fully, spelling is a big factor and writing is as well. Many applications are just to see if you can read and write so take your time and double check everything you put down. A lot of times if the application is a mess or not completed it is put aside no matter how qualified you are. Having a resume with the application is a big impressive even if its for a fast food job it shows that you are really interested. Resume's also help by being able to see easier if you have the skills to work at the new job and how much training you need. If you dropped out of school or how long you stayed at jobs are another thing looked at. If you dropped out of school and/or stayed only a month or two at every job its a real turn off for employers it looks like you are not reliable. Never put down that you left a job because of a dispute with a manager or manager disagreements or anything similar this can look like you can not take direction its a really big turn off for employers. Another thing looked at is the salary you made at your former job/s usually when hiring the employers have a certain wage in mind if you were making more at a former job they alot of times they don't bother to call especially if you left a former job because of wanting more money. To counteract this find out first what the starting wage is and put that on the application if you must start at a certain wage put that on so there are no misunderstandings. Call the employer a week after you put in your application but don't keep harrassing the employer sometimes you call to much and your application is put to the side. Calling once or twice (if necessary) will show them that you are interested and it brings your application to the front of the pile. The interview: Dress up even if its for a low level job dressing up is still a requirement for most interviewers it shows you thought about this interview and are willing to go to the effort. Its a good idea to dress up for putting the application in as well you never know if they would want to do the interview right away and alot of times the first thing the manager will ask whoever collected the application is how did they look? Its ok to be nervous in a interview but try to smile. Answer questions but have a few to ask to about policies, about the business, etc... this shows your interested. Also be honest with your answers, if you never want to do something be honest about it or if you can not work when they want you to be honest if you are not honest it can get you in trouble later and it may show in the interview. A good thing to have is your references with you for the interview this will save time. Finally, be yourself!!! The employer is not only looking for a qualified employee but someone who will fit in with the rest of the employees.

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Q: What do employers examine before accepting or rejecting a job application?
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