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What do federalists and anti federalists argue about?

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Why did the anti-Federalists argue against the Constitution?

The anti federalists werent against the constitution, they were with it.

What did the Anti-Federalists argue?

The anti - federalist argued against ratification. They attacked nearly every part of the new document.

What are federalists and anti-federalists?

federalists--for the Constitution anti-federalists--against the Constitution

Why did Anti-Federalists argue for the Bill of Rights?

because they wanted to that's why now go on somewhere

Why did the federalists and the anti-federalists disagree?

There were two sides to the Great Debate: the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. The Federalists wanted to ratify the Constitution, the Anti-Federalists did not.

What did federalists and anti federalists argue over?

The federalists and anti-federalists were the two political factions when the constitution was created. Federalists were in favor of the constitution the anti-federalist in oppositions. Their main argument was the power of the presidency, would it turn into a monarchy, and that there was no bill of rights. This was later solved by promises for the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the constitution that cannot be violated, and the addition of checks and balances.

What were the intentions of the federalists and of the anti-federalists?

The federalists argued in favor of ratification of the new constitution, and the anti-federalists were those who opposed the constitution.

What were the goals of the federalists and the anti federalists?

federalists wanted strong central power, anti federalists wanted state power

What was the significance of the anti-federalists?

the anti-federalists were against the constitution and for them to agree with the federalist the federalists needed to add a bill of rights so the anti-federalists could agree with the philadelphia constitution

Why was josiah bartlett an anti-federalists?

Yes he was a anti-federalist

Who are the federalists and the anti-federalists?

Federalists are for the constitution while the antifederalist are not

What is the antonym for federalists?


Was Patrick Henry a federalists or anti-federalists?

He was a Anti-federalist. (against the ratification of the US constitution.)

Who led the anti-federalists?

Anti-federalists were most prominently led by President Andrew Jackson.

What was the difference between the federalists and anti federalists?

anti federalists had more guns ammo and more practice

What are differences between Anti-federalists and Federalists?

the difference between anti-federalists and federalist were the federalists wanting to ratification of the Constitution and the anti-federalist opposed the ratification of the constitution.

What where the different viewpoints of the federalists and the anti-federalists?


What is the differences between the anti -federalists and the federalists?

The federalists favoured a stronger federal government, the anti-federalists supported the rights of states.

What type of people were anti federalists?

those against the constitution were anti federalists

Who are federalist and who are anti federalists?

supporters of the new constitution were federalists and anti federalists where the peoepl agianst the new constitution.

What was the main argument between federalists and anti-federalists?

Federalists wanted to urge the Constitution to be in action, but the Anti-Federalists didn't want the Constitution to be in commencement. They were against it.

Who were the opponents of hamilton and the federalists?

The Anti-federalists.

Who are the Anti-federalists?

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What was not a significant difference between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists during the ratification debates?

Federalists were overwhelmingly northern; Anti-Federalists were overwhelmingly southern

Who were the federalists and the anti-federalists?

The federalists were people who supported the strong national government established in the new constitution. The Anti-federalists were those who opposed a strong central government.