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it looks like they have a big bubble in their side

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Female betta fish lay eggs. If the female has vertical stripes that stand out, she is going to lay her eggs soon.

A female Betta splendens will usually lay anywhere from 50 to 1,000 eggs.

the female betta fish are released from a vent while a male embraces her

Male Bettas can live with female Betta fish except when they have laid eggs. Male Betta fish should not be placed in the same aquarium as another male Betta.

Female fish just lay eggs and without the fertilizer from the male the embryo in the eggs won't survive long enough to hatch. I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure that's how it goes. male betta fish make a nest for the female on top of the water for the female to lay the eggs inside the nest. then the male will fertilize the nest, but the female has to have a nest to lay the eggs.

the male betta does, the female just swims away.

The amount of eggs they can lay at once varies.

The male fish will take care of the young, once the female lays the eggs then remove the female from the tank or the male betta will injure or kill her. Can a male betta fish get pregnant ? The answer is no.

Your betta fish may have been impregnated before you got her.

A female betta will lay anywhere from 50 to 1000 eggsA Beta fish ussualy has 10-300 eggs 700 the most.They don't have babies, they lay eggs and the small fish hatch from the eggs

No. A male Betta is needed to spawn out the female and fertilise her eggs.

that is how they build their nests for their eggs to hatch

Yes, they can. It usually happens when the male is guarding the eggs and the female tries to eat them. The male will fight and kill anyone who harms the eggs- even their own mother.

They don't just "lay eggs" there has to be a male fish to spawn her.

Because Female betta fish lack the parenting instincts males do. Most females have just enough to help the male put the eggs in the nest.

The color of the Betta fish.

Betta splendens are egg layers. The male Betta fertilises the females ova (eggs) and looks after the babies (fry) until they are free swimming.No, only female fish can because they produce eggs!

If you mean Betta, She won't get the chance to. The male will chase her away and kill her if she is not removed from the tank.

no. the male betta just cares for the eggs. the male betta does somthing to the female called an embrace, he basicly hugs the eggs out of her than he kills the female or his just fights with her until she leaves him alone. then he cares for the eggs until hatching.

Normally the male betta fish has much longer flowing fins than the female.

Betta fish do not get pregnant Once a female releases her eggs the male fertilises them and places them in a bubble nest that he has made prior to mating

Fish eggs - yes, chicken eggs - no.

No. An egg, which is produced by a female, must be inseminated by sperm, which is produced by the male.

Yes my female betta did lay egg's,the male picked them up with his mouth and put the eggs in the bubble nest.them i removed the female and male betta stayed,after the eggs hatch,after a day and a half i took the male out of the fish tank and the baby's were by therem self's

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