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Females have a very short urethra coming off the bladder. The male's is longer because it has to go through the penis.

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Do females pee from their bums?

No. Females urinate through their vagina.

What do transgender females do with their penises befor surgery?

At least urinate with it.

Why do male goats urinate on their faces?

They don't urinate. They ejaculate. It's done to spread their pheromones over a wider area to attract more females. Gross, but it has a purpose.

What does it look like when females urinate?

I think that because it has hair on our 'thing' so it is very ticklish

What do you pee out of?

You urinate out of your urethra. In males, the urethra is a part of the penis, while for females, it is located in the vulva area.

What is the thing you urinate out of?

In both males and females, a tube called the urethra exits the bladder and leads to the outside.

Do oysters poop or urinate?

i think urinate

Why does clear coat go yellow?

if you urinate on it then it will turn yellow except if i were to urinate on it i cant urinate

What are the major function of the reproductive system?

the make a new life come into the world and for females to allow the passage of sperm but for males its to allow sperm to leave the body and also to urinate

Does a horse hike its leg to pee like a male dog does?

No. Male horses (geldings and stallions) will stretch out to urinate. Mares (females) spread their hind legs and squat somewhat.

From where do the girls urinate?

They urinate from their urethra, same as boys.

How does a girl urinate?

They urinate from their urethra, same as boys.

Do you urinate blood when you have gonorrhea?

You can urinate blood when you have gonorrhea.

What is the command given to police dogs to urinate?


Where do female cats urinate from?

They urinate from there back feet

Is it bad for a tree if you urinate on it?

If you urinate on green leaf it will kill the leaf. If you urinate on enough leaves you can kill the tree.

Does a puma mark off their territory?

Yes they do. They usually scrape together a pile of dirt and urinate or defecate on it, or they may urinate directly onto trees. Males have larger territories than females and a male's territory usually overlaps several female territories so that the male has access to them during the breeding season.

What is a sentence for the word urinate?

To urinate means to pass waste from the kidneys. Here are some sentences.Don't urinate on the flowers!Animals urinate wherever they feel like it.Women usually urinate sitting down, but men usually do so standing.

Can you urinate into your partner's anus?

Do not urinate in your partners anus; it is unhealthy.

What signals the brain to urinate?

I am not aware of any brains that urinate.

Do prairie dogs urinate?

Yes, all dogs urinate.

Does a cat urinate from its rectum?

No, it does not. All mammals urinate from the urethra.

Can you urinate on the keyboard?

of course you can urinate on the keyboard, it is better for the keyboard.

Bladder infection symptoms?

Burning of your genitals when you urinate, Only Urinate a little and Urinate 10-15 mins later

Can you urinate sitting down?

Anyone can urinate sitting down. Many men and most women urinate sitting down.