Fireflies (Insect)

What do fire flies eat?

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fire flies eat bananas,blue berries and, tomatoes.

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What do fire flies and lightning bugs eat?

They eat stuff smaller than them so probably flies or mosquitoes

What type of food does fireflies eat?

fire flies eat and drink ,grass ,water ,diet and healthy stuff or something like that

When was Fire Flies created?

Fire Flies was created in 2002.

Why are fire flies called fireflies?

Fire flies are called fire flies because, when it gets dark their tails light up and glow.

What eat flies?

Frogs eat flies.

What is a poison dark frog's diet?

I captivity you can feed them flightless fruit flies. In the wild they eat fire ants.

Do flies eat pine cones?

Flies eat the things we do. When they land on our food what they do is eat it. Flies don't eat pine cones.

What do flies use to eat with?

ffhgfhgsyfgfherhhhfhgdfgsinnbngebtmgbenmgbegbuhhow do flies eat

Do mossquitoes eat flies?

No, mosquitoes do not eat flies.

Do snails eat flies?

They don't eat flies.

Do chickens eat fire flys?

Yes. A bug is a bug as far as a chicken is concerned. Fire flies are active during the later part of the day (snack) and early morning (breakfast) and are susceptible to being eaten. Fire flies do their best work at night however, when the chickens are roosting. Chickens don't see well in the dark and are usually in the roost by the time the fire flies are twinkling.

Do black flies eat miskito?

how can flies eat miskitos , miskitos have a needle and they can kill then and eat them sooo black flies do not eat miskitos.....

What kind of plants do flies eat?

Flies typically do not eat plants. Flies like to eat liquids. Flies eat blood, nectar, and sap. A fly will not eat a plant unless it has some liquid on it.

What do black flies eat?

black flies eat air

Can geckos eat flies?

yes geckos can eat flies

Do monkeys eat flies?

no monkeys don't eat flies

How many flies do lizards eat?

they eat 5 flies

Do mice eat flies?

no mice don't eat flies

What do hover flies eat?

Adults eat nectar, grubs eat green flies

What is the Catching Fire falling action?

fire flies

What kind of bugs eat slugs?

various type of ground beetles will hunt them along with the larvae of fire flies(lightning bugs)

Do frogs eat baby flies?

frogs eat all flies.

Can mice eat flies?

They are omnivores, so they might eat flies.

Do flies eat mango?

Yes, and big flies eat birds

What do scorpion flies eat?

flies eat enything including your scraps