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What do fireflies eat?

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bugs and flowers

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What do you far flies eat Julian’s

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Q: What do fireflies eat?
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Related Questions

What kind of insects fireflies eat?

Fireflies can eat other fireflies.

What pollens attract fireflies?

Fireflies do not eat pollen, so they are not attracted by it.

What do flire flies eat?

Fireflies eat a variety of items but mostly they eat other insects. Other items fireflies eat are snails, slugs, flower parts and pollen. Fireflies are actually a type of beetle not a fly.

Do fireflies eat other fireflies?

yes I've seen it, before it was gross!

What do the fireflies eat?

they eat mainly any insect

When do fireflies eat?

At night is the time during which fireflies [Lampyridae family] eat. They tend to be nocturnal insects. But that doesn't guarantee that they'll be seen feeding. Adult fireflies may choose to eat plant pollen and insects. Or they choose not to eat at all.

Do fireflies eat leaves?


Do fireflies eat roses?

Hopefully not

What are fireflies enemies?

Fireflies main enemies are humans. Fireflies can not even be found in some states now do to the poisons used on crops killing them. Birds also eat fireflies.

What do adult fireflies eat?

A bag of penises.

Do fireflies eat sweet stuff?

no, they eat bark off your trees

Can toads eat fireflies?

Yes. They eat any type flies that they can get.

Do fireflies eat flowers?

No tried it last year and they did not eat it 😭

What do fireflies eat and drink?

they drink sugeer water and eat soft bugs

Do fireflies eat sugar water?

no, but humming birds do.

Do some frogs glow if they eat fireflies?


What is a firefly enemies?

Firefly have many animal enemies. Toads, insects, spiders, lizards, and some birds eat fireflies. Fish and frogs eat fireflies who fall into the water.

Why fireflies prevent mosquitoes?

Most of the time fireflies are in large groups and they eat mosquitoes so if I were a mosquito I would stay away.

Do fireflies live in California?

There are fireflies found in California, however they are rarely seen. This is because fireflies only eat snails and California lacks a native snail population and the damp areas where snails live.

What should you feed your fire fly?

Adult fireflies don't eat. They have one purpose: make baby fireflies. They die shortly afterwards.

Can pigs eat fireflies?

Pigs can eat and digest fireflies, but fireflies are typically not large enough to entice pigs into expending the energy to catch them. If a pig consumes a firefly, it should have no issue digesting it since pigs can consume small amounts of flesh (as opposed to a cow which would not properly digest a firefly). However, it is not recommended to feed a pig fireflies.

What do evening bats eat?

they eat little tiny bugs like mosquitoes,fireflies,etc.

What else do fireflies eat besides snails and slugs?

Firefly larva eat snails and slugs, but the adults are thought to feed mostly on nectar and pollen from plants. The females of some species are known to capture and eat male fireflies.

What do fierfiys eat?

GLOWORMS: Gloworms eat other insects, slugs and snails ADULT FIREFLIES: Adult Fireflies eat other insects, pollen, flower parts or nothing at all

Is there a frog that glows?

Frogs glow when they eat too many fireflies