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shrimp, that's what gives them their color.

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Do flamingo eat plants?

No flamingo does not eat plants , they only eat blue green algae

What does a James flamingo eat?

A James's flamingo is more commonly known as a puna flamingo. They like to eat from salt lakes and their diet consists of algae and small fish.

Can a baboon eat a flamingo?


What does a pink flamingo eat?


Can you eat flamingo meat?

no its poison

What is the predator of a flamingo?

Crocodiles eat flamingos.

What does a chilean flamingo eat?

The Chilean flamingo can be found in and around South America. They like to eat algae and plankton from salt lakes and coastal mudflats.

Does flamingo eat big fish?

Flamingos prefer to eat shrimp.

Did Romans eat flamingo tongues?

Yes, they were a delicacy.

Can you eat a Flamingo Bird?

Yes it is quite tasty

What is special about a flamingo?

they are pink because of the food they eat.

What does a greater flamingo eat?

Insects and small fish

Does the flamingo eat with its head upside down?


Which bird can eat with its head upside down?

American flamingo

What makes a flamingo pink?

The food which they eat, which is a kind of shrimp.

Which bird turn its head upside down to eat?

A Flamingo.

What likes to eat a pink flamingo?

Tastes like chicken!

Did upper class Romans eat flamingo and ostrich?

Yes they did.

Do people eat Flamingo?

No! but in some other countries they may.

What do James flamingos eat?

James's flamingo is known as the puna flamingo. Their diet consists of small fish, algae, and bugs out of the lake.

What is the only food of a pink flamingo?

flamingos take the color of what they eat. They eat pink shrimp

What do flamingos eat that makes them pink?

see this questionWhy is a flamingo pink?its because they eat shrimp

How does a flamingo eat?

Flamingos have these plates on the edges of their beaks, called lamellae. The flamingo dips its head upside down underwater, and all the water and underwater organisms and plants rush inside the lamellae. The flamingo then presses its fleshy tongue against the inside of its bill, forcing the water out, leaving the insects and plants inside the lamellae, which the flamingo will then be able to eat.

What do Roseate spoonbill eat?

Freshwater krill, very similar to a flamingo.

What does the beak help the flamingo do?

it helps to eat the food and to carry food

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