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What do fleas look like on a dog's stomach?

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They are tiny black or deep brown and yes, they do bite the dog. They also can get into things in the house. Some people are allergic to flea bites. If the dogs don't go to the vet and get a flea remedy such as "Program" (the vets have other types) then the dog will be miserable. Fleas are usually all over a dog, but particularly love the nose area and behind the ears.

2008-12-03 01:09:19
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Q: What do fleas look like on a dog's stomach?
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What do fleas look like on dogs?

Fleas look like black dots.

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What do fleas look like on a guinea pig?

On a guinea pig fleas look small and white.

Do fleas have nest?

I think Fleas build nests on dogs skin (under the fur) that look like scabs. I haven't confirmed this for sure, but I have come to this conclusion after my own research, and my dog.

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How long before your dog can be around other animals when she has fleas?

She cannot be around other dogs until she has been fully treated. A good way to check the dog is fully treated is to look at their stomach. This is the easiest place to see fleas and flea poop. Hope this was helpful :)

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Do dog fleas look a little like head lice?

go to google images and type in lice then type in fleas. there is a difference and you need to see for yourself.

Mosquito looking bug with no wings?

There are quite a few bugs that look like mosquitoes without the wings. These bugs can look like fleas for example.