What do followers of Christianity call their suprem being?


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We call HIM GOD the father God the son God the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ,Lord and Savior,

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The followers of christianity calltheir supreme being God.

The are about 2.1 billion people who call themselves Christian making them the world's largest religion.Christianity is the largest religion in the world, with over a billion followers.

He calls his followers 'Stans'.

Followers of Hinduisms are called Hindus.

As the largest world-wide religion of over 2 billion people who call themselves Christians, just about everywhere and anywhere.

The followers of these religions are called: Christianity: Christian Judaism: Jew Islam: Muslim It is impossible for one person to follow all three religions at the same time.

Nothing. However you Call the Followers of Jesus "Christ", Christians. You might also call the the Disciples of Christ.

Buddha means "Enlightened One" or "Awakened One". The Buddha described the state he had attained as being Awake; therefore his followers call him Buddha.

they call Adherents followers

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The followers of Islam are Muslims and they refer to God as Allah.

The followers believe in only one True God.

The 12 close followers of Jesus could only be his disciples.

Followers of islam are called muslims and they believe that there is only one god.

Because they are followers of Hinduism.

The most important unifying characteristic is that the followers of the three religions worship same God, the Creator. The prophets of the three religions call for worship the same God and call for full submission to God will (that means Islam in Arabic). The three religions call their followers to pray for God, Alms giving, and fasting although the rituals are different Refer to question below.

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I believe they call it "Earth". I believe they call it ''History''.

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