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What do french canadians do for fun?

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They go Lumbering.


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What is the difference between french Canadians and Canadians?

French canadians are born with French as a native language, whereas canadians are not.

What are french speaking Canadians called?

French speaking Canadians are called Canadians. English speaking Canadians are called Canadians. Canadians are Canadians.

Did the French Canadians invent French toast?

yes the french canadians made french toast

What languages are spoken by French Canadians?

French Canadians speak French and English, though their French is a dialect specific to Canada.

Why do the French like the Canadian?

The French like Canadians because the French founded Canada and a lot of Canadians speak French.

What french speaking Canadians live in what province?

French speaking Canadians mostly live in Quebec.

What are the native languages of French Canadians?

French, although most French Canadians speak English pretty well also.

Where do most french speaking Canadians live?

Canada. Improvise::: Most FRENCH speaking CANADIANS live in Quebec.

What do Canadians talk?

To correct YOU, its "What language do Canadians Speak?" and to answer the question English and French, but french is most spoken in Quebec.

What do the french Canadians eat?

I am a french canadians and we eat poutine, REAL maple syrup, croissant and yellow rice:D

Why do you think many french Canadians want to be independent from english-speaking Canadians?

Because Canadians suck

What is green in Canadian?

The majority of Canadians speak English, so the answer is green.French-Canadians speak French, so the answer for them is vert.

Where do most french speaking Canadians lived?

Most french-speaking Canadians live in the provinces of Québec and New Brunswick

What is the difference between French Canadians and English Canadians?

french canadians are smarter, speak more languages, are more generous and have céline dion and simple plan while english canadians have justin bieber and avril lavigne

Which province do most french speaking canadians live?

Most French speaking Canadians live in Quebec. Partly because the official language in Quebec is French.

Did the french fight in the war of 1812?

no, only french canadians.

What are the Canadians language?

English and French

What has the author Jean Lamarre written?

Jean Lamarre has written: 'The French Canadians of Michigan' -- subject(s): French-Canadians, History

Where did Canadians inherit their language from?

Canadians mostly speak English and French, which are inheritances from the English and French colonizers who conquered the territory and established Canada.

What has the author John P DuLong written?

John P. DuLong has written: 'French Canadians in Michigan' -- subject(s): History, Emigration and immigration, French-Canadians, Ethnic relations 'French-Canadian genealogical research' -- subject(s): Genealogy, Handbooks, manuals, French-Canadians

Are canadians and french canadians the same?

a square can be a rectagle but a rectangle cant be a squareNo, French Canadians live in the province of Quebec, while Canadians live everywhere else.---------------------No, i do not think canadians and french canadians are the same. A french Canadian has had ancestors here since the very beginning of Canada being its own country. A Canadian could be any person that has come to Canada from another country recently and got a Canadian citizenship.No actully french is my worst subjest in school--------------------Other Canadians have been here since the very beginning of Canada, and even before that. Many in Canada want a country where a persons family, race, or culture does not determine their status within the country.Canadians and French Canadians are not the same. Canadians are clearly stating that Canada is their homeland. Those that feel the need to add some descriptor, like French, do not see themselves as Canadian, they just happen to live in Canada and have a homeland or loyalty elsewhere.

Is fun in French?

Fun in French is "l'amusement" or to have fun is "s'amuser".

What is the origin of French Canadians?

Southern Rhodesia

What languages does Canadians speak?

English and french

What langunges do Canadians speak?

English or French