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Q: What do fresh water crabs eat?
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Can fresh water crabs eat bread crumbs?

yes they can (:

What do fresh water crabs like to eat?

pizza and ice cream

Does crabs live in fresh water or salty water?

DO crabs live in fresh or salty water

Can crabs live in fresh water?

Yes, there are many types of crabs that live in fresh water.

Do sand crabs live in salt water?

no , crabs live in fresh water

Do hermit crabs drink fresh water?

Is is true that hermit crabs drink fresh water but they also drink salt water.

Do hermit crabs live in fresh or salt water?

salt water and fresh

Where do crabs get water?

From the ocean and fresh water streams

Can sand crabs live in fresh water during the summer?

yes because I have crabs right now in fresh water and they are still living.

Can hermit crabs eat water flowers?

yes hermit crabs can eat water flowers.

Do crabs eat fresh meat?

Hermit crabs shouldn't eat raw meat, however, you can feed them cooked meat.

Can crabs die in fresh water?

yes they will die.

Are there North American fresh water crabs?


Can you eat already dead crabs?

Many crabs are frozen to be sold in stores or they are fresh in fish markets. Yes, as long as they are fairly fresh.

Where do crabs live salt water or fresh water?

They wash them selfs in salt but like to drink fresh water

Can saltwater crabs live in fresh water?

Saltwater crabs tend to die if placed in fresh water. They will not survive for very long if kept out of their natural habitat.

Do fiddler crabs live in fresh water?

No, they live in salt water.

Can you put salt water crabs in fresh water?

. . . not if you want them to survive. Salt-water crabs require at least brackish waters.

Why do sea water crabs drown in fresh water?

Saltwater crabs drown in fresh water because they can't get enough oxygen for survival. They may also drown in stagnant seawater.

Do crabs live in salt water or fresh water?

Crab species have adapted to live in both fresh and salt water.

Can marine hermit crabs survive in fresh water?


Can salt water crabs survive in fresh water?

Yes, Hermit crabs can survive in salt water but they dont live as long in water as they do on land

What kind of water do hermit crabs need?

Hermit crabs need a fresh supply of dechlorinated fresh water (bottled water) and salt water (which you can create using aquarium salt for the amount needed for shrimp).

Do hermit crabs eat seaweed?

Hermit crabs will eat seaweed. The best diet for a hermit crab is one of fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Can hermit crabs live without water?

Hermit Crabs can NOT live without water. In your crabitat, you should offer both fresh water and salt water.