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An explosion, because the alkali metal react violently up when they touch water. When added to water the metal becomes a +1 ion, and the water forms OH- and H2 gas. The reaction with water is very exothermic, fast and violent. If a lump of lithium, sodium or potassium is placed in cold water, the metal floats; it may melt and move around the surface of the water with 'fizzing'. If universal indicator is added, it changes from green (pH 7) to purple (pH 13-14), showing an alkaline metal hydroxide was formed. The colourless gas hydrogen is also given off and pops with lit splint - but this is not the best of experiments to collect it from! The more reactive the metal, the more vigorous the reaction. Lithium and sodium do not normally cause a flame but the potassium reaction is exothermic enough to ignite the hydrogen. o 2H2(g) + O2(g) => 2H2O(l) o The hydrogen flame turns lilac due to hot potassium atoms in it. o Note: in flame tests hot lithium atoms give a crimson colour and sodium a yellow colour (more details). Rubidium, caesium and francium are very explosive with water. Down the group the reaction gets faster and more violent as the metal gets more reactive i.e. Li < Na < K < Rb < Cs < Fr. The reaction equation for sodium is in words and symbols... sodium + water ==> sodium hydroxide + hydrogen 2Na(s) + 2H2O(l) ==> 2NaOH(aq) + H2(g) and the equations are similar for any of the other Alkali Metals since they are in the same group of the Periodic Table, they behave chemically in the same way. Theoretically Francium is the most reactive and therefore the most explosive metal when in contact with water. See the Related Questions to the left for more information.

Also watch the linked videos of massive explosions due to sodium mixing with water! BOOM!!!


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What metals that lose one electron when they react with water to form alkaline solutions?

Alkali metals

What is the difference between alkali and alkali-earth metals?

Alkali metals are soft, low density metals that react vigorously with water to form hydrogen. They only have one electron in it's outer shell. Alkali-earth metals are low density hard metals that react less vigorously with water. They have two electrons in the outer shell.

One of the properties of alkali metals is that they dont react with water?


Is alkali metals a group 1 elements?

Alkali Metals are the elements (metals) in group one.

What is the reaction of water with alkalimateals?

Alkali metals are famous for their vigorous reactions with water, and these reactions become increasingly violent as one moves down the group. The Reaction of Alklali metals as folow: Alkali metal + water &rarr; Alkali metal hydroxide + hydrogen gas

How many valence electrons does alkali metals have?

Alkali metals have one valence electron.

What are the valence electrons of alkali metals?

All alkali metals have one valence electrons.

How hydrogen resemble with alkali metals?

Hydrogen and alkali metals have one valence electron.

What are some characteristics of alkali metals?

Alkali Metals: the alkali metals are found in the first group of the periodic table, Alkali metals are very reactive metals and they are not freely in their nature, alkali metals have one electron in their outermost shell. therefore alkali metals are ready to loose that one electron for bonding with other elements, alkali metals are good conductor of electricity and heat. they are soft in nature than other metals.The Alkali Metals are:lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium cesium, francium

Why is hydrogen above the alkali metals?

Hydrogen is above the alkali metals because it only has one electron, while the alkali metals all have one electron in their OUTER shells.

What is a good sentence for alkali metals?

Alkali metals are used in group one of the periodic table

What metal melts in water?

The Alkali metals melt in water so: Rubidium is one example of a metal that melts in water.

What charge does an ion of an alkali metal have?

All alkali metals have plus one charge (+1)

What are features of the alkali metals?

Alkali metals have only one valence electron and all of these elements are highly reactive. All of them are metals. Except lithium, other elements can be cut by a blade. They have a lesser density than water.

How do the alkali metals differ from the alkaline earth metals?

alkali metals have one valence electron, whereas alkaline earth metals have two valence electrons.

What is the difference between alkali metal and group 2 metals?

Alkali metals have one valence electron, group 2 metals have 2.

What do you know about the elements that are in the same column as one another?

They contain similar properties. For example, in the first colum of the periodic table all contain alkali metals. Alkali metals react with water.

How many valence electrons are in the alkali metals?

There is only one electron in the outer most level in an Alkali metals.

Why would hydrogen be grouped with the alkali metals?

Hydrogen would be grouped with the alkali metals because it has one (1) electron in its outer energy level, like the other alkali metals.

Is hydrogen considered to be an alkali metal?

No. Hydrogen is a non-metal and not an alkali metal. The reason it is grouped with alkali metals is that hydrogen also has one valence electrons as do alkali metals.

Hydrogen is grouped with the alkali metals because it?

it has one electron in its outer energy level like all alkali metals

Do the alkali metals have a full outer energy level?

Alkali metals most of the levels are full except the one on the outside

How do the valence electrons of the alkali metals compare with each other?

All alkali metals have one electron in the valence shell.

What are valence electrons for alkali metals?


Alkali Metals-1 valence electron?

They all Have one valence electron in the alkali metals group (which is group one(1) ) :0 :)