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depends on the girl. i know my sense of humor is not the norm so... different strokes for different folks.

NOT The Three Stooges.

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Q: What do girls find funny?
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What do teen girls find funny?

The stupid things boys do in front of them. This is helpful in getting a girl's attention.

What does Justin bieber thinks is funny?

When girls are themeselves and are funny!

Do girls like guy that are funny?

it depends how funny. being too funny is weird. Having corny jokes is creepy. Also, girls don't want jokes that have to do with gross stuff or sex......So besides all of that, ya girls like funny guys. use good judgment to have a balance of serious and funny. good luck!

What are the release dates for Funny Girls - 2013?

Funny Girls - 2013 was released on: USA: 12 December 2013

Would Justin like you if im funny?

he loves girls who are funny

What kind of funny do girls in 5th grade like?


Why do guys growl at girls they dont even know?

Boys have no confidence with girls except when they are with friends, and have to act derogatory to them. Don't be scared by this, us older women find this behaviour funny

What is a funny soccer quote for girls?

*Girls kick grass

Do twelve year old boys like funny twelve year old girls?

i think all guys like funny girls.

How do girls know if Leo Howard like girls?

He likes girls that are funny, out-going and optimistic =)

What do 12 year old girls find hot in a 12 year old boys?

being cute, funny, popular and if there in sports XOXOX

Where can one find funny phrases?

One can find funny phrases through books that specialize in funny quotes. One can also find funny phrases online. Some popular sites to find funny phrases are funnysentences or inherentlyfunny.

Why are girls funny?

cause they love me

What do girls find cute in guys?

A nice smile, nice eyes, nice hair, a great personality, kinda funny, cute but, a sweetheart etc....

How come girls don't like me anymore?

Girls Might Like You...But Sometimes Girls have a funny way of showing you.Just like Boys.Im sure youll find that perfect girl for you.She will soon come just when dont most expect it. RavenL.

Are there any Funny jokes on girls?

This is a great site for funny jokes on

Where can funny drawings be viewed online?

You can find funny drawings for online viewing at the Funny Drawings website. You can find other funny drawings from the Funny Drawings sub-section of Tumblr.

Should girls laugh at everything that the guy says that's funny?

You don't have to laugh unless you're feeling it. I.e. if you find it funny, laugh. if you don't then don't. It's better to be honest than always trying to fake interest.

Does Nick Jonas like girls that are funny?

yes he does. he says that he likes girls who are energetic and outgoing and fun cuz he's very quiet. Im sure he does!!!!! He's related to mr funny man himself (Joe)!!!!!!!! He is used to funny!!!

Do guys like girls who are funny?


Funny names for gang of girls?


Who are the cast of naked and funny tv show?

naked girls

How can ask ciara to the prom?

Be cool confident and funny girls love funny take it from someone who knows.

What type of girl is Nat Wolff into?

well he likes girls who are funny and pretty but first of all funny

Why do girls like sasunaru?

Well, because they think it's either funny, cute or funny and cute.