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What do girls like in a boy?

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Well, I know that different girls like different things in boys. A trait that most girls would like in a boy though, would be kindness. It's hard to be attracted to someone if you only ever see them mistreating others. But then again, maybe some girls like that... Like I said before, it really varies from girl to girl. ( ^ _ ^ )

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How do boy like girls?

Girls are sexy

Are you a bysexual if you like girls and boys?

Bisexual means you like your own sex and the opposite sex So if you are a girl but you like girls and boys you are bisexual If you are a boy and like boys and girls you are also bisexual If you are a boy and like boy's then you are gay If you are a girl and like girls you are a Lesbian if you are a girl and like a boy then you are straight if you are a boy and like a girl you are straight too. If you are a girl and like boys and girls and cross dress (dress as a boy) you are Transexual If you are a boy and like boys and girls and if you also cross dress (dress as a girl) then you are Transexual

What a girl like in a boy?

girls like boys that are nice and generous with a bit of a bad side not all girls but alot! girls like to see how strong a boy is or can make them laugh or smile! a boy that is smart but not to rub it in their face that they did better. a boy that is easy to tell them how they feel and can ask out. girls also like a nickname. some girls like boys they can't figure out.

Do girls like when a boy has a personality opposite of his appearance?

Girls can like any type of boy, it just all depends on the girl.

Can a boy like two girls?

Any boy can like more than one girl at a time. In fact, so can girls. I have ask a boy who they like and his answer was,"I like two people Hannah, and Amy."

Does Justin Bieber like different girls?

many girls like JB.he is a boy...why not?!

Do girls like Boy Scouts?

Yes, some girls like Boy Scouts. Some boys look really good in their uniforms.

What type of girl the a boy like?

all boys are different. There is not only one type of boy. Just like girls like different boys, boys like different girls! Anyways, you shouldn't change for a boy!

What does a boy like about girls?

face and hair

Does SpongeBob like a boy or a girl?


Does Willow Smith like girls?

willow does not like girls she likes boy she loves the girls in her family becasue there family

Do girls choose if a boy likes her?

No, boys choose who they like, the girls unfortunately have no say in the matter. That doesn't mean that the girl has to like the boy though.

If a boy does not pay girls attention like other boys dodo girls notice that?

well it depends who or what the boy is paying attention to instead of girls...

What should you do if a boy like you and your friend?

talk to your friend work it out girls are girls

Should girls play on boy sport?

Yes, nowadays there are boy sport that playing by the girls like basketball and softball.

Does a boy like you if he teases you?

Yes I am a boy and I tease mostly the girls I am attracted to

What color of Girls hair do boys like the most?

Red I am a boy and I like girls with brown hair.

Do most boy like tomboys or girlygirls?

Depending on the boy. A boy that's actually interested in you will like you for you. Different boys like different girls.(:

Do girls like clever boy at school?

Some girls do. Some girls don't. Everybody is different.

What if you like boy and girl?

it means you are bisexual and like boys and girls

How do girls get a boy to like them?

long time and laughter

What are girls called when they act like a boy?


Why do boy make fun of girls they like?


Do soulja boy dates?

what type of girls do he like

Why do girls like to date boys?

Frist of all who ask this girls are not suppust to like girls that is drity girl like boy because that is how it is suppust to go