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A gold bar looks like the gold bars you see in movies. Go to your preferred search engine and search "gold bars" under images.


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magnesium looks like gold bars but it is grayish sliver

All of or most of the gold bars that the USA. owns are located at Fort Knox. I forget where it is located, but you can always look up Fort Knox.

Gold stones look like regular stones with spotspots of gold

Like this: $$$ @!@ @!@ $ = Woooden Planks, Cobblestone, Iron bars, Gold bars, or Diamond @= Blank ! = Stick

stars and bars [><]

i dont think you can make gold bars from stone Make gold bars from gold ore

5000000 gold bars equal 5000000!

It has Three bars and a leaf in the middle

they only come in bars

They are white, with black bars

Some are and some are not. Gold bars are generally produced as cast bars or minted bars. Cast bars are large bars used for industiral purposes. They are generally not 24 karat. Minted bars, such as Credit Suisse gold bars, are smaller bars used for investment purposes. They are generally 24 karat. In both cases, the purity of the bar will be printed on it in the millesimal scale. Anything above 9990 is 24 karat fine gold.

Buy one and find out! You can also google the Mars Bars and see :D

Like a small shiny gold block

BullionVault sells gold bars on their website. The cost of gold bars changes daily and depends on where you want to buy the gold from. On their website there is an app for figuring out the price that gold bars will cost on the day you are buying. Apmex is another website that sells gold bars and they advertise prices as low as $24.99 per one ounce bar.

You can start investing in gold buy purchasing stocks in gold. You can also purchase gold bars. Gold bars are a way to secure your gold in the market without worrying about losing the value.

No you can't buy " gold bars" from the US Mint, but you can buy Bullion coins.

Gold bars can be sold either on the forums, on the grand exchange, to general stores or through trade.

Presuming you mean Gold Bars ? As you can get unlimited Gold Certificates. For Gold Bars when completed you move up a Grade for example complete Grade 7 Gold Bars Move up to Grade 8 Hope This Answer Was Helpful :) ------------------------ Jessica Wallis

An ounce of gold often looks like a tiny little brick. At times, an ounce of gold will look like several little pieces of gold, not yet melted together.

Most gold bricks or bars are 99.99% pure gold

Tailings are the dirt left after sifting out the gold, so they look like piles of dirt.

A gold medal is gold colour and had palm leaves on it.

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