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What do golden retriever puppy weigh?


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Adult they weigh 50-85 when puppy 12-25

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The average cost for a golden retriever (puppy) is; between £300-£500...

Puppy Paws (along with all of The Buddies) is a Golden Retriever.

an akc registered from a breeder can be 1200 and ^

in general about 25 pounds depending on age. My golden at 6 weeks was around 15 pounds. It really depends on the parents of the puppy, if the parents are big your puppy might pick up that trait!

$900 dollars from a quality breeder.

I would say golden retriever the only thing is if you keep a golden retriever inside he/she will create heaps of work as they loose a heap of fur especially when they are young and they are loosing their puppy coat!

* Australian Shepherd + Golden Retriever = Australian Retriever * Basset Hound + Golden Retriever = Basset Retriever * Beagle + Golden Retriever = Beago * Bernese Mountain Dog + Golden Retriever = Golden Mountain Dog * Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Golden Retriever = Golden Cavalier * Chinese Shar Pei + Golden Retriever = Golden Pei * Cocker Spaniel + Golden Retriever = Comfort Golden * Collie + Golden Retriever = Gollie * Dalmatian + Golden Retriever = Goldmation * English Pointer + Golden Retriever = American Gointer * English Springer Spaniel + Golden Retriever = Spangold Retriever * Golden Retriever + Great Pyrenees = Golden Pyrenees * Golden Retriever + Irish Setter = Golden Irish * Golden Retriever + Labrador Retriever = Golden Labrador * Golden Retriever + Newfoundland = Golden Newfie * Golden Retriever + Poodle = Goldendoodle * Golden Retriever + Siberian Husky = Goberian * Golden Retriever + Soft Coated Wheaten = Soft Coated Golden * Golden Retriever + Weimaraner = Goldmaraner

Don't buy a puppy at a pet store buy it at a breeder!

Check with your puppy's Veterinarian about how far/long your puppy should be allowed to run.

It all depends. But most weigh their pups. My 7 yr old golden gave birth a yr ago to healthy one-pound pups. But they are supposed to be 6 oz. Does this help?

This is a short history lesson but it answers the question: The golden retriever breed started out with Lord Tweedmouth cross-breeding a Tweed Water Spaniel (now extinct) and a blackwavy-coated retriever. The litter produced all black puppies except for one golden puppy. This puppy would become the base for all golden retrievers. So... the first golden retriever was gold and all goldens have been since.

Fully grown: up to $500.00 Puppy: up to $450.00

i got mine from a breeder which i found in the paper under the pets section

If the mom is very golden that means that the pupp is going to be withe young and when it get old it starts getting golden

They really cute! Fluffy blond they look like any other puppy. But seriously why ask? Go to google images and type in golden retriever puppies.

Well, Fully grown: up to $500.00 Puppy: up to $450.00

The golden retriever because the golden retriever is deeper in muscles and has a heavier weight than a labrador.

If you are looking for all different types of information about just the Golden Retriever breed, then I've attached a link to a website that is dedicated to Golden Retrievers. It covers raising and training a Golden puppy, basic care, whelping and a lot of other things.

No, there in no golden retriever. Only Lab Retriever

my male golden at 7 months weighs 60 pounds

You know the dog that is most commonly used as a guide dog. That's a Golden Labrador. Its a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Labrador Retriever. It has a blond coat. You must have seen a guide dog ad.

Well, a Golden Retriever can grow to be a little over 3.5ft. A Black Lab can grow about the same height, but a lab I believe would weigh a little lighter than a Retriever would. A mix of a Black Lab and a Golden Retriever would grow to be about 3.5 ft. tall and weigh about 100 lbs. Please comment if you disagree, thanks!(:

The Golden Retriever originated from SCOTLAND.

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