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They eat plants such as twigs, leaves, bark, grass, and RARELY they eat termites. Mountain and Eastern Lowland gorillas live in East Central Africa and Western Lowland gorilla lives in West Africa. Gorillas ONLY live in the jungles of Africa and they DO NOT eat bananas.


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Wild gorillas will eat fresh fruit, plants, herbs, tree bark, bugs, and bamboo. Gorillas that live in the western low lands will eat differently than gorillas that live in the mountains. Mountain gorillas are vegetarian and western low land gorillas are not.

Gorillas don't live anywhere near snow

Gorillas eat fruits, leaves, and seeds. Gorillas get their foods by foraging for it in the area where they live. Gorillas usually do not have to travel far to find food.

Basically no. Gorillas live in dense African jungle. Jaguars live in Amazon rainforest . They had never met.

Gorillas live in AfricaGorillas live in AFRICA

Gorillas live fairly Close to the equator. not much difference between summer and Winter there.

gorillas live in north Africa

Gorillas live togeother.

gorillas live in the rainforest.

Gorillas don't eat jaguars. Gorillas live in Africa, Jaguars in South America. They're on different continents, one ocean apart. On top of that, gorillas are mainly herbivores, and probably not that interested in eating a jaguar even if they got it served.

Mountain gorillas live in Africa.

Gorillas do not live in Africa no Isabella

No gorillas only live in africa

Gorillas in captivity live about 50 years and gorillas out of captivity live about 35 years.

gorillas eat leaves vines fruit roots and bark

Gorillas like to eat bananas and other fruits.

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Yes Gorillas do eat, all animals have to eat in order to live. Gorillas are omnivores, they eat plants and meat. Although, the only thing they eat that contains meat are termites, which they barely eat. They mostly eat plants such as twigs, bark, leaves, and grass.

the most gorillas live in south Texas

its unlikely that a gorilla would manage to kill and eat a jaguar Insert mode

No, they are vegetarianin their diet, and live in Africa, and not South America.

No - Gorillas do not live in Tibet (which is in Asia). Other than zoos, Gorillas live only in the mountains and forests of Africa.

Gorillas live in Tropical Rainforest or in Jungles

Gorillas get water from the plants and bugs they eat. They also lick rainwater off of leaves. There is often a natural stream of water near where they live.

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