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I am not sure, however I imagine that they cry and growl. I have one that lives underneath my house and that is what he does. If he does not growl or cry, he is digging a whole.

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Are groundhogs scared of there shadow?

Groundhogs are scared of their shadow.

Do groundhogs have families?

Groundhogs don't have families because they're scared of other groundhogs. That is why on groundhog day the groundhog hides if it sees it's shadow.

Are all groundhogs scared of their shadow?

Only in legend, not in reality.

What do groundhogs do when there scared?

i think they either run away, wimper, growl, or bite the thing the thing that they're scared of.

Why are groundhogs named groundhogs?

groundhogs are called groundhogs because they are a hog and they go in the ground that's why they are called groundhogs.

Are groundhogs vertibrate?

are groundhogs verebrae

How are groundhogs called in Canada?

groundhogs eh

Do groundhogs eat snakes?

No, groundhogs are herbivorous.

Can groundhogs live in Ireland?

There are no groundhogs in Ireland.

How do groundhogs affect soil?

how do groundhogs affect the soil

Are groundhogs awesome?

I guess groundhogs are pretty cool ;)

Are groundhogs marsupials?

No. Groundhogs are placental mammals, not marsupials.

How do groundhogs help soil?

do groundhogs help soil

What is a group of groundhogs called?

A group of groundhogs is called a "phil."

Do groundhogs burrow?

Do groundhogs make burrows like moles

What animal eats groundhogs?

dogs and foxes eat groundhogs .

Are groundhogs hogs?

No. Groundhogs, also called woodchucks, are rodents.

Where do groundhogs live when they are hibernating?

Groundhogs live underground in a burrow.

How much do groundhogs weigh?

Groundhogs weigh between 4 and 9 pounds.Groundhogs weigh between 4 and 9 pounds.

Where do groundhogs hide?

Groundhogs live in the ground, proved by docter hasaplop.

Who are the groundhogs enemies?

Groundhogs enemies are bobcats, foxes, and human beings.

Can groundhogs have babies?

well they must i mean the groundhogs had to come from somewhere

Do groundhogs eat carrots?

yes groundhogs do. its one of their favorite foods.

Are groundhogs the smallest type of pigs?

groundhogs are rodents, not pigs, so no.

Why do groundhogs whistle?

They whistle to let other groundhogs know that there is danger near.