What do guppies eat?

Guppies eat water plants and insect larva. Once a guppy gives birth it will also eat there babies, that is why the babies need a spot to hide so the parents don't eat them because since they're so small there babies look like food.
Guppy food and feeding is pretty simple. You can feed them either plain dry food from the store or a variate of things like finely chopped lettuce and other veggies. When feeding be sure to give only the amount that all the fish can consume with in a few minutes. Other wise you will have extra food that will dirty up your tank.


Dry foods are a good source of everything that your guppies need. You are able to buy all sorts of different dry foods. Here are just a few:

  • TetraColor Tropical crisps: These are good for keeping your fish colorful and health at the same time.
  • TetraAlgae veggie Enhanced crisps: i good source of veggies for your fish
  • Tetramin Tropical Flakes: This a good one for just an average food it also has all the vitamins needed.

So you see there are many types of fish food. That is just a few. You have to get a fish food that is just for guppies you can get one that is for multiple kinds. You could also buy a couple different kinds of dry food and switch every couple days.


Nutrition is simple aswell. One reason is becasue most foods you buy will already have all the vitaims, veggies and others needs is them. These needs can be also suited if you give finely chopped leetuce and other thing like that, just check a site or a local pet store first.


All fish have atleast some type of food bad for them. Guppies have a few here is a list:

  • Infusoria: Water can look crystal clear but have this, that is why you use aquasafe.
  • Baby Brine Shrimp: Are ok to feed but use it as like a treat
  • Micro Worms: These are also fine to feed but to much is bad. these are also for guppy fry
  • Daphnia:MOst experts would say that this is not the best food. DO NOT PUT IN FRY TANK IT WILL TAKE ALL THE OXYGEN.
  • Mosquito Larvae:Becasue of how they hatch and live don't feed it to them.
  • Tubificid Worms: CAUTION! Feed Tubifex worms to you guppies at great risk
  • Glass Worms: They are a good live food for your guppies, but by no means at the top of the list.
  • Black Worms: Same as Tubificid worms

These foods are some the worst things you can feed guppies.


Here is a list of good foods for your guppies to eat beside veggies and dry food.

  • Wingless fruit flies:Great food for guppies but never metioned to people
  • Earthworms:These are great but most be shered and kept in a bowl for a couple days to clean them
  • Bloodworms:They are an excellent food for your guppies.

These are three of " Extra treats" but, before you buy besure to get the proper techquie for feeding to the guppies.
water plants and insect larva