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Since they traveled a lot, they lived in tents, makeshift campgrounds, and stayed in cites for short periods of time.

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Q: What do gypsies live in?
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What type of environment do the gypsies live in?

where do Gypsies live?(in which countries)

How gypsies live and earn their livelihood?

how do gypsies earn their living

Where do gypsies live now?

Gypsies are always on the move, they have no designated location.

Does gypsies live were their ancestores lives if not what are some changes?

No, gypsies do not live in any one place, they are travellers.

What did gypsies live in?


What kind of houses gypsies live in?

They live in caravans.

Where do Romany gypsies live?


How many gypsies live on Romania?

After the census of 2011: 621 573 Gypsies (approx. 3 %).

Where do gypsies live Romania?

They don't just live in Romania....

Are gypsies poor?

no they live in golden houses

What Asian environment did the gypsies live in?

The earliest known homeland of the Roma/Sinti (gypsies) is NW India.

Where did gypsies live during the holocaust?

anywhere but Germany

What is unique or unusual about gypsies?

uum they live in caravans

Which countries gypsies live?

Romanis live in several countries across Europe.

How do gypsies live?

Many live in caravans and like traveling form place to place.

What do the gypsies live in?

Usually vardo (they are like trailers, or caravans).

How many gypsies are there that live in Spain?

There are still quite a few.

Where do gipsy live?

gypsies dont live anywhere because they are nomads and move from place to place

What different nationalities of people live in Bulgaria?


Are gypsies in Italy?

Romanies live in just about ALL European countries.

Where do the gypsies live?

All over the world, but primarily in eastern europe, The proper term fro gypsies is Romany, Gypsy is a mildly offensive term.

Where do gypsies live?

Gypsies are nomadic people, we never stay in one area for very long. Some now days will live in houses, apartments, etc.. Some still live in vardo (sort of like trailers), in tents etc..

collective noun for gypsies?

a caravan of gypsies

Are Polish people gypsies?

No. Gypsies migrated to Europe from India, and they were called Gypsies because people thought they were Egyptian. Gypsies, or Rom as they are more correctly called, have no country of their own. They are a migratory people who live in many different countries. They have darker skin, hair, and eyes than the Poles, who are of European extraction.

What country do gypsies live in?

In United States, Romania, Turkey, Ireland and Scottland