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If the half moons are gone, or barely visible it can mean a low Vitamin B-12 count. Low Vitamin B-12 can eventually cause problems which range from depression, disturbed sense of co-ordination, paraesthesiae, loss of memory, abnormal reflexes, weakness, loss of muscle strength, exhaustion, confusion, low self-confidence, spacticity, incontinence, impaired vision, abnormal gait, frequent need to pass water and psychological deviances.

Sub-lingual (A pill dissolved under the tongue) B-12 is the best form of supplementation,

Taken IN THE MORNING (As taking B-12 at night can keep you up).

A B-Complex Vitamin or B-12 Vitamin Swallowed (and digested in the Stomach) may not fully be absorbed in some people with Gastrointestinal Disorders.

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Q: What do half moons on finger nails mean for health?
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