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What do hindus do when someone dies?


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April 24, 2011 2:28PM

Most commonly, the bodies are burned and the ahses spread in the Ganghes river. In pats times, a widow would be burned alive on her husband's funeral pyre, however this has been outlawed in India for quite some time.

Yes, generally the body is cremated after it is bathed with water and dressed with a unstitched white sheet of cloth. If the deceased has sons, then usually the elder son performs the right. On the third or fourth day, the left-over bones are collected. The ashes are thrown in a nearby body of water. The bones are immersed in a water body or river which has been traditionally used by the family. On the fourth day, there is a prayer for the welfare of the family and the eldest son is given the responsibility of the family by being given a head-gear (Pagri). Depending upon the tradition of the family, there may be death-rituals up to the twelveth day. After that every month on the day of death, the family prays and gives out something in charity in remembrance of the deceased. After one year, the remembrance ritual is held twice a year.