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Hippopotamuses are herbivores. They prefer soft grasses and shrubs growing close to the ground, such as ferns. They also eat some aquatic plants, reeds, leaves and fallen nuts or fruits. In one night, a hippo may consume in excess of 45.5kg (100 lbs) of grass. They come out of the water at night to grass and return to the water by day. Their feces provide an important source of food for fish that share the water with them.

Hippopotamuses have been known to eat cultivated crops such as sugar cane and corn.

Despite some reports of hippos eating meat and even carrion, the stomach of a hippopotamus is not suited to feeding on meat. Carnivorous habits are not the norm, but rather, the exception.
Hippos predominantly stay in the Water most of the time. They leave water around dusk and travel inland to forage. They go up to 5 miles from the river to feed. Their main diet is grass. They spend around four to five hours in a day grazing and can eat up to 68 kilograms of grass each night. That works out to nearly 150 pounds of grass every night. They also consume aquatic plants in small amounts.
They are herbivores
they eat vegetation
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Where do hippos live and eat?

The hippopotamus ( Scientific name: Hippopotamus amphibius) is a species found in mostly the Nile in Africa or rivers in Africa. They have large habitat ranges. Hippopotami reside in large groups . They eat graas and fallen fruit. On rare occasions, they eat small or injured animals.

Do hippos eat meat AND animals?

Yes hippos do eat meat and animals. Hippos usaully eat at least 4 animals and 16Ibs. a year!

Where do hippos eat?

Since Hippo's are herbivores, they eat mostly water plants and grass. Hippo's do most of their eating at night. They use their wide mouths to graze on grass, and will travel as far as 3 miles consumimg up to 90lbs of grass in one night.

Does a hippo eat meat or veggies?

The hippos diet consists of plant matter, so it is considered herbivorous. Hippos will eat any vegetable they can find although most are not easy to come across in the wild. However, hippos can and will eat meat. Also, (as a joke) in the movie The Librarian, hippos likes to candy bars too.

What snakes can eat hippos?

None,not even the nile crocodile,the second lagest crocodile in the world,will take on the hippo.

What eats a hippo?

Hippopotamus is the largest land animal after elephant andrhinoceros. It is a herbivorous and mainly feeds on grass, althoughit also eats plants if give. However the natural diet is grass. Ahippopotamus can consume a daily dose of 68 kgs of grass every day.

What do hippos like to eat?

they like eating leaves, fallen fruit, aquatic and reed plants, low lying plants, and soft grasses

How do hippos eat?

The hippo is one of the largest animals on earth. They haverelatively small teeth, but yet the survive. They eat plantsthrough chewing finely and swallowing something whole.

What will eat a hippo?

A large pack of lions or a group of large crocodiles would kill and eat a very injured or a young hippo.

Does anything eat hippos?

Crocodiles will eat newborn hippos if the opportunity arises. If desperate, lions would take down a weak, solitary male.

Can hippos eat humans?

No. Hippos may be the most dangerous animals in Africa towards humans, but they will never eat a human. They are herbivorous mammals, not carnivores.

Can anaconda eat a hippo?

Perhaps, if it was a baby hippo. It has probably never happened unless in a bizarre zoo accident seeing as the anaconda is found in South America and the hippopotamus is found in Africa. There is a video circulating on video-sharing sites that features an anaconda disgorge something that looks like ( Full Answer )

Will the bald eagle eat a hippo?

Bald eagle does not eat hippo because the bald eagle mainly eats fish.\n. \n(salmon is their faivorite)

Why do water buffalos eat hippos?

The water buffalo is a very important animal in Asian and European agriculture. A lot of Italian Mozzarella is made from buffalo milk.. It's a grazing animal and a vegetarian except when it inadvertantly ingests bugs and worms in its food.. The concept of a water buffalo eating a hippopotamus is a ( Full Answer )

Can crocodiles eat a hippo?

Very large crocodiles, such as the infamous Nile Crocodile Gustave (20ft+) have been known to kill and devour male adult hippos.. However, crocodiles tend to go for smaller hippos and generally prefer gazelle and wildebeest over hippos, whom they share their territories with.

Do hippos eat alligators?

Hippos and alligators don't live in the same regions. Hippos do kill crocodiles, but they don't eat them.

How hippo eat?

They eat just like other herbivores. They leave the water and walk in search of grass. They consume around 150 pounds of fresh grass every day and day and take 40 pounds of medicine in a month. If you calculate the speed of an average chicken, you will find that the onion of the pie has grwon an inc ( Full Answer )

Do tigers eat hippos?

Yes tigers eat hippos. I know that for a fact because tigers are a very aggressive animals and eat certain animals.

What animal eats a hippo?

Nothing the Hippo's are the baddest most ferocius animals Ever!!!!! i dont no but dont lisen to her up there

Can a cheetah eat a hippo?

Hippos are the third largest land animal on Earth. They are also so aggressive and strong that they can kill crocodiles, and lions almost never hunt them. Cheetahs are not strong enough to hunt a hippo.

Do hippos eat chocolate?

Only the pink ones do.... TeeHee! Chocolate is native to Latin America. Hippos only live in Africa. So chocolate is not a food that hippos have access to.

Do crocs eat hippos?

yes actually crocodiles eat hippos that are between 3 o 4 months when they are AWAY from their mother or family

What eats hippos?

Crocodiles do: But only on one condition, the hippo is dead. A live hippo will make short work of a crocodile, despite being vegetarian, nothing gets close to hippo either on land or in the water!

Is it feasible for a snake to eat a hippo?

I would guess that there are snakes large enough to eat a baby hippo, but I've no idea if there's documented evidence that this has happened.

What do young hippos eat?

Young hippos drink mother's milk until they are old enough to eat solid food. Then they will start eating grass. Hippos are weaned starting at 6 to 8 months, and the process is done by age 1.

Why do hippos eat humans?

Hippos do not eat humans. However, they see humans as a threat. Hippos are more aggressive than most animals, so they are more likely to kill a human they see as a threat rather than run away.

Do elephants eat hippos?

Elephants are herbivores meaning they only eat plants. So no they do not eat hippos or any other animal.

What birds eat off of hippos?

There's a couple of species -- the white ones with long necks arecattle egrets, which colonized North America in the 60's and 70's. Then, oxpeckers are another one, cleaning ticks off of all kinds ofAfrican mammals. It would be nicer for the African mammals if thebirds didn't prefer well-fed ticks ( Full Answer )

Do hippos eat dead animals?

Yes. They have to kill their prey before they eat it like any other animal. They are mostly herbivorous creatures.

Do any animals eat hippos?

Lions, Crocodiles, and Humans all eat Hippos. However, the chief predator of Hippos are humans, who will hunt them for their meat, their hide, as well as their ivory teeth.

Does a hippo eat a croccidles?

Hippos are herbivores, so they don't eat meat. However, they have been known to kill crocodiles. In a few cases, hippos act as scavengers, but I don't think they are known to have eaten dead crocodiles.

Do hippos eat crocs?

Hippos are to BIG for the crocs and they only fight they do not eat eachother!

Can a hippo eat a zebra?

A hippo might kill a zebra but its very unlikely for a hippo to eat it. Hippos are plant eaters and they dont tend to eat meat. However, there are some rare incidents of hippos scavenging over dead wildebeest and buffalo

Does the hippo eat anacondas?

mabe if it got clos to a hippo Anacondas are found in tropical south America and Hippos in Africa . So the question will not arise. Further to this, Hippos are vegetarian

Do giraffes eat hippos?

No. . Giraffes are herbivores, plant eaters, and would have no reasonto try to eat a hippo.

Can a hippo eat a snake?

Can - sure. A hippo certainly can gape wide enough to get asnake in there and swallow it. . But hippos are herbivores, plant eaters, and wouldn'tdeliberately try to eat a snake.

Do cheetahs eat hippos?

No. . Cheetahs are far too weak and slender to be of any threat to ahippo. . But a lucky cheetah might try to scavenge on a recently dead oneperhaps - if another animal has broken through the thick skinfirst.

What food to hippos eat?

Hippos predominantly stay in the Water most of the time. They leave water around dusk and travel inland to forage. They go upto 5 miles from the river to feed. Their main diet is Grass. They spend around four to five hours in a day grazing and can eat upto 68 kilograms of grass each night. That work ( Full Answer )

What do hippos eat or kill?

Hippos are herbivores, and they eat grass. However, they are still powerful and aggressive. They kill more humans than any other mammal in Africa, and they sometimes even kill predators such as crocodiles, too.

Can another animal eat a hippo?

The adult hippo's only real enemy (other than man) is his pool mate. They bite, maim, and kill each other. The bulls fight over females in breeding season and quarrel over water space at all times, especially in dry season. When seen yawning, a hippo may actually be threatening another hippo or just ( Full Answer )

What type of meat does a hippo eat?

a hippo is a herbivore in other words they don't eat meat it may seem like they hunt food under water but they don't they just stay under the water to stay cool from the boiling African sun. they don't eat meat but if a hippo get's up on the wrong side for the bed and you get to close they could kil ( Full Answer )

Do piranhas eat hippos?

No, that is just a silly question and its not even funny to put it on the internet. most piranha species live in the Amazon, while Hippos live in the Nile.

Do hippos eat food from the water?

Hippos predominantly stay in the Water most of the time. They leave water around dusk and travel inland to forage. They go upto 5 miles from the river to feed. Their main diet is Grass. They spend around four to five hours in a day grazing and can eat upto 68 kilograms of grass each night. That work ( Full Answer )

What do hippos catch to eat?

Hippos are mainly plant eaters. They graze, very much like cows graze, on nice, tasty grasses and leaf plants, and do so mainly at night.

What does a hippo in Kenya eat?

Hippos are herbivores and eat plants/grasses. Hippos are also "opportunist carnivores". Meaning most of the time they are herbivores. However if they need to, for example if there is a food shortage, hippos have been known to scavenge dead animals or attack, drown and eat animals wandering close ( Full Answer )

Can a hyeana eat a hippo?

Hello, that is a very interesting question. I highly doubt that one hyeana could kill, or eat a hippo. Even a bunch of hyeana's would have a very hard time killing, or eating a full grown hippo. They may be able to catch a baby hippo, but that would also be hard because the mother would probably be ( Full Answer )

What do hippos love to eat?

Hippos love to eat almost anything. just ask gloria for Madagascar. I think she is right now in a circus somewhere. Just ask her!.

Do hippos eat their own poop?

Yes, baby hippopotamuses eat their mother's feces. Some bacterias help break down food and nutrients during the digestive process. Baby hippos are born with sterile organs and don't have this bacteria. Eating the fecal matter of hippopotamuses will give the hippos the bacteria they need. . Also, s ( Full Answer )