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Homicide detectives often do not use anything to dispel the smell of dead bodies. Sometimes, the nose is able to pick up clues about the crime. Other times, they may use a mentholated cream.

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Do vampires smell like dead people?

vampires smell like garlic, not like dead people! A dead or angry vampire might smell like undead vampire would smell more like mildew, freshly dug earth, wood, blood, wine or incense. Possibly dead people depending on where he was last...

Why is homicide not measured in the NCVS?

The NCVS gathers information from people who were victims of a crime. Homicide is a synonym for murder. Anybody who was the victim in a murder would be dead and would not be able to answer the survey.

Why did the trenches smell?

Because of all the dead people. You stupid fool.

Why does the ncvs not measure homicide?

The NCVS gathers information by surveying people who were victims of a crime. Homicide means murder. Anybody who was the victim in a murder would not be able to take the survey because they are dead.

Farm animals-After the black death?

they all got soaked in oil and died. The smell of the dead animals killed most people. The people then died and their smell was so gross that it killed all the other animals. Now that town is known as "the dead smell"

What are things to smell that make you vomit?

There are a lot of different things that can make people vomit if they smell them. The one that seems to work on all people is things that are dead.

How archaeologist are like detectives?

Both archaeologists and detectives investigate and search for "the truth" but there is one difference...For the archaeologist, all witnesses are dead!!

What did they do with the dead people on the convict ships?

they had to throw the dead bodies over board for the sharks to eat because the smell was terrible

What smell do sharks hate?

The smell of dead sharks.

What would a dead dinosarus smell like?

It would smell of any other dead animal or creature.

What jobs do police dogs do?

They are taught to sniff out drugs, bombs and dead people,alsp they are taught to smell for people who are missing.

How long does it take before you smell a dead animal?

how long does it take before you can smell s dead animal

Do squids smell?

Yes, they do, they smell like sea water. But they've been dead for a while so, they smell dead and like sea water at the same time.

How long before a dead cat starts to smell?

When a cat is dead it can no longer smell; that is a sensory function reserved for the living.

How do you know when a egg is dead or alive?

Through smell.. When its unpleasant, it is actually dead. But if it doesn't smell unpleasant,it is really alive.......

What is the word for a murdered girlfriend?

If it is a wife then:widdowed. Girlfriend: Homicide/ dead girlfriend

What does a Dead body smell like?

ok. Take your hand shove it up your butt and poop on it and fart and throw up thne shove it in dirt jizz on it and there you go

Why should you smell a chemical?

to be dead

How does dead leaves smell?


What do whales smell like?

They smell like the ocean unless they are dead then they smell like sushi!

Does burying a dead pet smell?

No, it does not smell, unless you bury it very poorly.

Why do hermit crabs smell fishy when they die?

its the oceanic universal smell of dead

How do you get rid of dead bird smell in your ceiling?

Remove the dead birds

What does it mean when a hermit crab stinks?

Check if it is moving because it is most likely dead. If it is dead it will smell like dead fish Or check its food. It might be making the smell.

What did people in concentration camps smell?

They smelt the scent of dead bodies being burnt! This was terrible for the Jews that had family.

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